Best Netflix Alternatives

Netflix is definitely the top player when it comes to movie and TV shows streaming online. Though it is the best option out there we have seen that few netizens are searching for the alternatives. Probably Netflix is blocked in their country or they want to see the other movie collections. Probably you are looking out for a cheaper subscription fee. There are a few really good options out there which are not as popular as Netflix but their collections rock! So, here are some of the alternatives for Netflix. They are as good as Netflix and certainly, you are going to enjoy their movie collections. Also checkout the best free movie sites online.

Hulu Plus

Hulu is a well-known streaming website among the movie buffs. Hulu is a very handy source to find the latest shows of your favourite TV series. With Hulu in hand, there are very fewer chances of missing the TV shows. It costs you $8 per month which is similar to Netflix. There will be no ads on Hulu Plus if you are willing to pay the subscription fees. Their collection is as wide as that of Netflix. There are TV shows like Law and Order, Mythbusters, South Park, CSI, Empire, The Tonight Show and many other popular shows on Hulu Plus. It has got a clean interface which is suitable for watching movies. Check out their collection to find some of most exciting movies released in the recent years.


If you prefer to rent out the movies instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, iTunes is the best thing for you. You can rent your favourite movies by just paying few bucks. It’s a cheap alternative to Netflix or gets free netflix accounts. You can rent the movies for 48 hours for just $2 or $3. There are tons of TV shows and movies in the iTunes collection. iTunes may not be a suitable option for you if you want to watch movies whenever you want. But it surely comes handy if want to instantly download the movie and watch it right away. Apple movie selection is very wide and you can find tons of exciting stuff on iTunes.


Let’s suppose you are only interested in suspense, thriller and horror kind of TV series and movies. You want to watch all kinds of thrillers, horrors, and suspense movies from all parts of the world. In that case, you may feel you are little overpaying to Netflix as you do not watch any other movies. There is a cool option for you at a half price. Shudder is an awesome source to find the best horror, thriller and suspense movies and TV shows from different countries. It’s dedicated specially for these genres. Their collection is vast and it’s scaling up quite quickly. There is a subtitle feature if you want to watch foreign language movies. They organized their collection pretty neatly. You can stream the new movies at 720p and the old ones at 480p. It costs you £5 per month.

BFI Player

BFI stands for British Film Institute. BFI Player allows you to watch all the movies which are curated and selected by British Film Insitute. So if you are a fan of contemporary classics or arthouse cinema, BFI is the best source for you. There is a very good selection of cult classics and archived films which are available for free watching. New films are available for rent. It’s the best website to find the European and British cinema. Majority of their collection is available in High Definition. Their interface is super clean and provides a very good streaming experience.

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