Benefits of Integrating Technology into the Functioning of your Salon


Technology has touched every aspect of our lives and has made our lives significantly easier. While some people have tried to resist this change, others have gone and embraced it. One way or another you can’t ignore this technological revolution. It’s recommended that you adopt technological solutions to real-world problems. It is especially useful if you use technology to manage your salon. This concept isn’t new but recent developments have entirely revolutionised this concept. Comprehensive integrated software has come to help you manage your salon. Here we would like to mention some benefits of integrating technology into the functioning of your salon:

  1. Managing Appointments

Technology can really help you manage your appointments and serve your customers better. You can manually maintain a calendar in the cloud so that you know which slots are full and which are empty. Moreover, you can share this calendar on your salon’s website so that anyone wishing to book an appointment can take a look at the free slots and book accordingly. Additionally, you can also set up a computerized call system or text system. This will reach out to your customer a few hours before the appointment to confirm their presence.

  1. Complaint management and grievance settlement

No salon can have impeccable customer service. Your salon will receive some criticism or feedback from time to time. Using technology in this area really streamlines this process. Customers can file a complaint or provide feedback through the internet or your employee at the reception can log it into the system on their behalf. Then, you and the customer can see the status of their complaint and feedback online. They can check what action has been taken and how the complaint or feedback has been taken up.

  1. Increased brand propagation

Building a good website with a strong brand name is the first step to attracting more customers. Using this online presence, you can attract more customers who hadn’t heard of your salon before. Additionally, running an ad or a promotional campaign online can really help propagate your brand and attract new customers.

  1. Managing inventory and acquisition

Technology can really help you manage your inventory and keep track of your expenditures. One can log the date of purchase, the date of withdrawal and the date of consumption of any product as and when needed. This can also help in increasing the transparency and accountability of the day to day functioning. Based on consumption, one can plan out a budget for the acquisition of new materials and place orders for acquiring materials. It’ll help in the timely acquisition of materials to keep the salon running smoothly.

  1. Streamlining day to day functioning

Comprehensive salon management software like SalonTouch Studio can really help you stand apart from the rest. Not only are they more convenient for the customer but they also allow the owner or manager to quickly oversee the functioning of the entire salon. Moreover, they can highlight the shortcomings in the day to day functioning and help you deal with those. It can also help you take and incorporate customer as well as employee feedback to create a better environment in your salon. Many salons have recently started incorporating this software to get a competitive edge and acquire the means of improved functioning.

Sooner or later, technology is set to revolutionize the way salons run and work. It’s better to recognize this change and embrace it rather than resisting it. Acquire the required technology and incorporate it into your salon so that your salon is well-prepared for the days to come. Additionally, technology will give your salon a competitive edge over other salons.

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