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5 Reasons Your Building Needs an Intercom System

Security is a top priority for residential and commercial properties alike as the threat of scammers and thieves continues to grow. Every precautionary step that needs to be taken must be taken, as the stats simply do not lie. For example, burglaries in New York City alone saw a 22% increase in August 2020.

Although your property may already have a good visible physical security system in the form of security guards and other safety personnel, it’s still worth investing in digital and high-tech intercom systems for your residential building. These systems provide many advantages for the security and convenience of your residents, clients, employees, products, and equipment. Here are five good reasons your building needs an intercom system.

1. Increased Building Security


The main advantage of an intercom security system is the added security it offers your property and its occupants. With the video feed and camera system of the intercom system, your staff and residents can approve guests before allowing them access through the entrance, which adds another security layer to access control systems.

When a guest moves toward your building entrance, they’ll have to utilize the intercom system to talk to somebody in the building to grant access. This is the focus of many responsible security firms such as ButterflyMX who provide innovative and practical products and solutions to building owners.

ButterflyMX is a business enabling people to manage property access via their smartphones. The company has security products installed in over 4,000 commercial, residential and student-housing properties worldwide. ButterflyMX is among a few firms trusted by the big names in the real estate industry.

While it’s practical to secure your property with the best intercom system, your security can only be as good as a technician. This is why you can count on ButterflyMX-certified NYC intercom installers for the best installation and repair service to give you the peace of mind you need.

2. Streamline Communication

With the audio intercom system, your guests or visitors won’t need to call the front desk or residents to enter the structure. Instead, they essentially use the radio to talk to whoever they need. The intercom system’s multi-unit directory means guests can easily reach the particular tenant they need. They have to select the corresponding button and immediately get connected to the resident.

3. Guarantee Package Deliveries

Package deliveries have usually posed so much headache for property managers, particularly with the increasing popularity of online buying and home deliveries. An apartment building intercom system makes it easier to permit deliveries without needing to leave the front desk. Likewise, you can integrate the correct type of intercom system with specific delivery offers such as storage rooms and package lockers.

4. Bespoke Security System

Who needs a complex or cluttered intercom system when you can have one personalized to meet your exact needs? It can be easy to rely on old-fashioned inefficient intercoms until your building receives a security threat.

It’s a wise move to confront all current and potential security challenges head-on before problems arise. Learn more about the latest options with security systems on the market and consider a bespoke unit that best suits your building’s needs.

5. Save time for your property and front desk staff.

Another significant way your building can benefit from a video intercom system is the time saved by your front desk or employees when dealing with guests, visitors, and deliveries. For example, you may depend on an employee or staff member to allow your guests in, validate their credentials before alerting the tenants about their guests. You may likewise have to depend on staff members to accept and store packages. A video intercom system saves your staff the trouble and time to complete these and many more related tasks.

Intercom systems are not only an easy means to communicate with guests, but they are also an essential component for your property security. They support staff and residents to validate guests, streamline deliveries, and add another layer of convenience for everyone in residential or commercial buildings.

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