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Everything You Need to Know About Selling a Car

The best way to sell a car quickly is to have all of your ducks in a row. This means gathering the necessary documents, setting an asking price, listing your car, and negotiating with interested buyers.

Doing all of these steps correctly and well ensures you get the best price for your car in a shorter amount of time. Take a look at everything you need to know about selling a car quickly and stress-free.

1. Gather up all your paperwork.


You’re going to need all of your car’s applicable paperwork before listing it for sale. Your car title or pink slip gives you the legal right to sell your car. You need to check with your lender if you still owe a balance on a car loan how you can arrange the sale.

The local DMV office has many of the forms you’ll need for the transfer of vehicle ownership, such as a bill of sale. You can also check with the DMV online whether or not to include the license plates with the sale and transfer. You’ll need to order a vehicle history report to present additional information to prospective buyers like the number of owners and accidents.

title transfer is a straightforward process that requires a vehicle bill of sale. This document explains the terms and conditions of the vehicle sale. It includes information about the purchase price, the make, model, and year of the vehicle, the vehicle identification number (VIN), the warranty, and the odometer reading on the date of sale.

The same vehicle title transfer rules and procedures apply to the transfer of vehicle ownership. The new owner won’t have to pay the sales tax for the car, unlike the new titleholder who has to pay a transfer title fee and new registration fee.

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2. Set an asking price.


You need to know your car’s current value to set an attractive asking price. Look up your car’s value on Kelley Blue Book and take the time to look at the pricing on similar cars in the area. It’s a good idea to set your price slightly higher than the current market value. Setting a price in the range of a good deal gives you negotiating room so you can get the best price you’re willing to accept.

3. Create some curb appeal for your car.


Giving your car curb appeal is to key to helping it sell. It’s not necessary to fix every little cosmetic issue, but you should give your car a detailed cleaning. Get rid of any trash, scrub the upholstery and floor mats, vacuum every nook and cranny, and wipe down the interior. Give the exterior a thorough scrubbing, and if you’re asking a higher price for a more expensive car, be prepared to keep up with the cleaning until it sells.

4. Create a catchy ad.


catchy ad requires high-quality photos that show off your car. Park your car in a nice location and take photos just after sunset to get the best lighting. Take photos of different angles, both inside and out. Be sure to take photos of the driver’s seat, the back seat, and the trunk. You should also take clear photos of the dashboard, the odometer, the tires, and the engine.

5. Screen interested buyers carefully.


You can expect a lot of calls if you are listing an in-demand car for an attractive price. A smart way to handle interested calls is to let them go to voicemail. This allows you to screen messages and watch for buyers who are pursuing multiple listings and looking to lowball the price. Call back buyers that seem genuinely interested, and if they are serious about making a purchase, arrange a test drive.

Selling your car isn’t a complicated process so long as you know what you’re doing. The better looking your car is, the more attractive the asking price, and the catchier the ad, the faster you’ll sell.

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