5 Best Challenging and Hard Android games you should try in 2018

If you like to play the tough games on your android device, then get ready to find the top of the list. We hope you will not frustrate with this games as it is possible that you can’t clear levels even after a few trials.

We all know challenging and hard Android games are always favourite for all gamers like us who like to take different changes. Fortunately, the Android platform provides us a hell like challenging games, and in this post, we are listing “5 best challenging and hard android games you should try in 2018”.

As I already said all the changes inside the gameplay are very tough on Android too. So if you are here to find out some best toughest Android games, then this article is for you. Note that to play this game you need sufficient space on your device as the majority of games sized up to 100 MB. The best part is one can play it without exhausting their data pack.

Note that we listed these games as per its difficulty, features and or graphics. And finally one thing, we are not obliged if you break your phone out of fury!


  1. Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royale

Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer first-person shooting game which is challenging due to its dozens of levels and survival policy. One can play the game with different playing modes, like the traditional, cooperative mode, etc.

Pixel Gun 3D (Minecraft style) developed by Pixel Gun 3D is a fun shooting game which is simple but attractive aesthetic, and let you enjoy entertaining gameplay on any Android device. So, download pixel gun 3d on your computer and enjoy the exciting features of this game.

  • Developer: Pixel Gun 3D
  • Price: free
  1. Dancing Line

In Dancing Line, you have to manage an ever-growing Line through multiple environments and listening attentively to the music. To make a sharp turn Tap the screen and avoid obstacles. Here you have to attentive and react to the changes of a world before your eyes can find it.

Dancing Line is one of the hardest and challenging Android games I know. It is developed by Cheetah Mobile, which is the perfect game to test your rhythm skills and reflexes. If I talk about my experience, then I didn’t even crossed a single level of this game and uninstalled IT after trying more than ten times. But for hard hammer gamers, this game one of the must play games.


  • Developer: Cheetah Games
  • Price: Free+
  1. Big Hunter

Big Hunter is a vibrant physics game that hunts large primeval animals with ax, spear, and boomerang. This game become the world’s best hunter game with a variety of weapons provided!

KAKAROD INTERACTIVE developed Big Hunter which is another game in the list of difficult and of course of the most challenging action game. To play the game and complete each level, you have to follow simple physics motion theory. The game has 100 different level with new challenges which is nearly impossible to complete.

  • Price: Free+
  1. Duet

With Duet, you can enter a mesmerizing trance of co-dependence. The rules of the game are simple: control two vessels in sync, survive against all the problems and keep calm.

Duet developed by Kumobius is another hardest game for Android which must play to test your reflexes. Here you have to protect two vessels together from hitting obstacles.

Duet gives the perfect balance between pure gaming satisfaction and challenge with tight controls and gameplay that tuned to perfection. To twist your vessels touch either side of the screen and avoid everything in your path. Looks easy? You are wrong it is simple but complicated.

  • Developer: Kumobius
  • Price: Free+
  1. Beat Stomper

The game Beat Stomper from Rocky Hong is all about “Jumping” and “Stomping.” It combined in with some of the coolest graphics for a mobile game which does not make it easy to complete. It is an action arcade game, with simple one-button control & endless fun! Your mission in this game is to jump up a staircase like a set of moving platforms as far as possible without falling to your death.  Jump, Hold, Stomp!

  • Developer: Rocky Hong
  • Price: Free


It is all about 5 best challenging and hard android games you should try in 2018. We hope you like it. Share your views and name of the games you find hard and challenging. Use the comment section below and tell us what your views are. Thank you!

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