Content Marketing – A Technique to Attract New Customers


Content marketing of connect pal is a technique to attract new customers by offering quality and personalized content. Content marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and coherent content to retain a clearly defined audience. Various tactics are used to constantly inform and convince customers, without trying to sell something directly to them.

Current consumers, due to a large amount of information on the Internet, are more aware in their purchase process. Therefore, the advertising and traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective time, and many specialists are looking for another way to successfully reach your target audience.

Advantages and Benefits of Content Marketing:

Content marketing by connectpal helps to establish relationships between the client and the company, which drives sales. However, there may be an obstacle: having ideas for the content but not being able to carry them out for lack of time.

– Generates brand awareness, trust and loyalty: People who consume content will begin to create an impression about the brand of the company. The publication of informative and well-researched content means that the company will be considered reliable. The more the public trusts the brand  to obtain information, the more likely it is to buy from that company.

–  Increase Traffic: Quality content attracts the audience to your website, which increases web traffic. Once they are there, users can be persuaded to register, hire a service or make a purchase.

–  Evokes emotion: Significant content must be produced to evoke an emotional response. If this is done, you have the opportunity to attract readers, followers and loyalty. In social networks, this emotional connection is fundamental and content marketing knows how to take advantage of it.

It increases the possibilities of Virility: When a content marketing strategy is created that provokes useful and entertaining material, people can be inspired to transmit this knowledge. With quality content it is easy to attract more than one person, so if it is achieved in bulk and that followers share it with others of similar characteristics, it can become viral content.

Types of Content Marketing:

Here are the most important types of content:

– For a lot of brands, blog posts are the central part of their content marketing strategy. This is because Google classifies quality publications easily, making it easy for users to read them in the first pages of their search engine, giving great value to the brand.

– Infographics allow you to concentrate large amounts of information on an image so that it is visually interesting and easy to digest.

– The video is dynamic, attractive and popular since more and more users are using this type of format, so we must include it in our content marketing strategy.

– At present, companies cannot do without accounts in more commercial social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Content marketing can act through them since it is easy to spread messages and get in touch with customers.

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