Why You Need a Vanity Number for your Small Business


People hardly memorize phone numbers anymore. With the coming up of mobile phones that save phone numbers, you don’t have to get it off head every time you need to call someone. But then again, for a business, which is regularly looking for new clients, you need people to remember your contacts and come to you when in need of a service or product you provide.

This is the reasoning behind the vanity phone numbers that are used by different businesses. You have seen them before, the numbers with an easy-to-remember sequence.

They may be all numeric or include words within the number, such as 1-800-FLOWERS. Their aim is to have people who see or hear the number easily reach out to the business.

You are probably wondering why in the world you need this toll-free vanity phone number in this day and age, with social media and phones that save numbers instantly. Well, here are some reasons why it will do your small business good.

  1. Easy to Remember

These numbers can easily be recalled by people from one glance. Such a number that has words in it would stick to one’s mind quicker than a regular, all-numeric number that tends to be made up of random digits. For instance, one may drive by an advert for a Pizza restaurant, and then later want to order pizza when they get home. If there’s the easy-to-remember phone number, they would call the displayed number and make their order instantly without a problem.

  1. Provides an Avenue for Marketing

You can use the vanity number for marketing purposes. Simply print it out on the sides of company vehicles, on banners and any other advertising space you have such as in social media, on the website and even on print media like newspapers. Picture a man who sees your toll-free or local vanity number on the side of a vehicle, offering your services such as plumbing services, and he remembers when he needs some plumbing done back at home. It will be very easy to make a call and set up an appointment. The trick here is to have an indicator of the kind of services you offer within the number, thus marketing your services to potential clients.

  1. Customer Friendly

The client does not want to work so hard to get your services. They need no inconveniences or hindrances from accessing the services that you offer. The vanity phone number helps remove such inconveniences. Firstly, it is free for the client; he or she will not be charged a dime for contacting your company using the vanity number. They also don’t need to conduct any research to get your services or struggle to remember the contact information.

A vanity number sticks in your client’s mind very easily. Clients will contact your company without much of a hassle using the given vanity number.

  1. Build your brand

As a small business, you want to work towards standing out from the rest of the companies in your field. You want to have your brand recognizable by clients, and for them to choose your brand over other competitor brands. The vanity numbers for small businesses give the opportunity to further promote their brand, as you can have the brand name as part of the number.

Having people associate the services you offer with your brand constantly is a great way to build your brand and make it known by more people. You can do this by getting yourself a vanity number.

  1. Professional Appearance

Finally, these vanity numbers give you a more professional feel. Your clients will view you as that one who will be in the business for a long time, and one who is serious in the provision of services as well as trustworthy. You can be very convincing to your client’s with the help of using a vanity number.

If you have been thinking about getting a vanity number for your small business, it may be the right time to do so. Use it together with other contact information such as your social media handles and email addresses. Make your business more visible and easier to reach by acquiring a vanity number. Stay right at the top of your client’s minds and increase your business sales.

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