What is a Bluetooth? What are its different applications?


In the modern era, almost every one of us possesses some sort of device which has Bluetooth in it. Take your smartphone and you will have the technology in it; get your hands on a laptop and there you have Bluetooth in it. Even the consumer electronics of the modern era comes with wireless controls that are supported solely by Bluetooth, with most of them having some sort of smartphone software to control it.

Yet many people don’t know what Bluetooth is and why it is used as well as what are its different applications. So, here we will take you through these three questions, helping you expand your knowledge of the technology.

What is Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth is a mode for wireless communication. It is a technology that helps in sending and receiving of data between two devices. Whether it be computers, smartphones, or other gadgets, Bluetooth acts like a mailman. It receives data from your smartphone and transmits it wirelessly to other phones. On the other device, the Bluetooth port is working like a listener, who takes information and stores it in your device’s storage, so that you can view it later.

There are a number of different versions of Bluetooth, with the v4.0 being the latest and most advanced. It is a standard version with different variants, with common two being the classic and low power. With the establishment of a strong and reliable connection between the two devices with the help of Bluetooth, you can transmit and receive different sorts of information.

Also, there are different classes of Bluetooth devices. These help in defining the range at which the Bluetooth will be able to share information. Generally, you will see it labeled at 10 to 100 because the range varies between the given distance as per the class of the technology. Class 1 is most powerful because it can communicate at as much as 100 meters. Then you have the class 2 and 3 with a range limit of 30 meters and 10 meters respectively.

It is much like a wifi where two devices communicate to send and receive information. However, its speed is relatively slow. It generally depends on what version you are using that defines the achievable speed.

Why it is used?

As stated, it is a mode of sending and receiving data between two devices. Therefore, the Bluetooth is a wireless alternative for connection between two devices. It helps you in transferring data between your smartphones and computers without having to attach the two to each other with the help of a wire. So, it makes the transferring of information very easy for us.

Not only files, it also allows us to pass information between two devices with the help of radio waves. This is the reason why so many consumer electronics now use Bluetooth. It helps in controlling them wirelessly, without the person having to get off the couch and manually change the settings by touching an appliance.

So, due to its ease of use and simplicity of work, it is a preferred choice for the experts to get a lot of work done, which takes us to its applications that we are discussing below.

Applications of Bluetooth

The Bluetooth technology is used in numerous ways by various individuals to do different tasks. As of now, the following are 10 common applications of Bluetooth.

Sharing files and data between devices

The most common use of Bluetooth is to transfer files and data between the two devices. For instance, you can connect your smartphones to each other and share your favorite songs, movies, video clips, resources, work information, and much more. It is a preferred way of sharing stuff when two individuals are at the same place and internet is not working or they are not willing to use it for sharing the files.

Attaching peripherals to computers

Many individuals use wireless keyboards and mice with their laptops and computers. It just gives them more freedom to move around and sit in a position they want and as far from the screen as they like, without worrying about its control because of the wireless keyboard and mouse. The peripherals tend to connect to the computers with the help of Bluetooth and the commands you give to your machine are relayed over Bluetooth.


Ever used a smartwatch? Well, it certainly is an amazing piece of technology and many people love it because it takes away the trouble of taking out your phone from the pocket or running towards the power outlet while it’s charging each time as you receive a notification. All you have to do is to take a look at your smartwatch and you will get to know about the update on your phone. But have you ever wondered what if it wasn’t using Bluetooth for connection? How would you be connecting it to your smartphone?

Headsets and speakers

There are wireless headsets available to us that use Bluetooth to get connected to our smartphones and laptops and help us in enjoying our favorite songs. No more trouble of getting the headphones out of our pockets to untangle the wires because the Bluetooth allows for a wireless connection. What else? Not only can we listen to music but we can also send commands such as pause, play, answer calls, end calls, forward, rewind, next song, previous song, and volume up or down.

Connecting with ca

The car’s dashboards come with Bluetooth car kits that allow us to connect the smartphones with our cars using Bluetooth. It helps us in playing songs, videos, and doing other stuff, depending on how advanced the car’s kit is.

Gaming controllers

There are wireless controllers developed for gamers so that they can sit comfortably on their couch, away from their gaming consoles and screens, and enjoy playing their favorite games. Even at a decent distance, the controllers communicate with consoles using Bluetooth and send your commands flawlessly.

Wireless scanners

Whether it be the document scanners, barcode readers, or other forms of input devices, we can use Bluetooth to connect them to our computers. The information they scan would be sent to our computers directly, using Bluetooth, which we can manipulate on our machines.

Modern day electronics

The modern day electronics, such as AC, fridge, oven, light, and even the power outlets, can be controlled with the help of Bluetooth. They come with a chip installed in them that allows us to connect our smartphones to the devices, helping us in manipulating the thermostats and other settings, giving us a chance to control the appliances even when we are sitting in other rooms and dealing with different chores.

Final words

Bluetooth is a very useful piece of technology which is being developed actively as experts are searching for ways to make it better, more useful, and extremely efficient. It helps in establishing a reliable and strong connection between two devices, giving us a chance to transmit various sorts of data with the help of radio waves. If you are interested in knowing more about the Bluetooth, its classes and versions, and how it is paired and how it transmits data, you can click here to read a detailed article about this technology.

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