Top 5 Must-have Android Apps for August 2019


Every month, thousands of apps are developed by app developers and are launched to enhance our smartphone experience. As there are tons of apps launched every day, it becomes harder to check out each and every app. But no worry, we have shortlisted 5 must-have Android Apps that have been launched in August 2019. So, make sure to check out these apps to enhance your smartphone productivity.

1. Gallery Go

If you are fond of using Google Photos as your primary album apps, Gallery Go is a worthy app for you. Gallery Go is a new app by Google which is a slimmed version of Google Photos. Similar to Google Photos, you can view all your photos that are stored offline in your phone storage or SD card. Since this is an offline app, photos and other media items do not sync or back up to any Google account.

Unlike Google Photos, all your photos are arranged in a very clear manner. This lets you easily find any specific photo from the gallery. The user-interface of this app is very clean giving it a pleasant look. There are two tabs at the bottom for pictures and folders. So, you can go through your photos in the way you want to view them. 

Also, there is a useful search tab at the top of the app that lets you search for your photos easily in one-shot. Gallery Go is available now on PlayStore. Just like most of the apps from Google, it is also downloadable for free of cost. So, if you are looking for a smaller alternative of Google Photos, go and this Gallery Go app.

2. Checketry

Want to track the downloads on your PC from mobile? Checketry is the perfect app for you. This is a download manager app that runs on both mobile and PC to track down the download process. You can even manage your PC downloads right from your phone. This works just like a remote computer. So of course, you need a desktop as well as a mobile app to sync the downloads from PC to mobile.

Checketry is a complete download manager that works with most of the platforms and apps to download content. It let you download contents from Steam, EA Origin, BattleNet, uTorrent, and qBitTorrent. Not only this, Checketry supports most of the browsers including Chrome and Firefox to track and manage the downloads.

This app supports all types of files including document file, music, images, games, and many more. Additionally, it also works as a remote computer that lets you handle your remote computer easily. So, if you are looking for a fully-functional download manager for mobile and PC, download this app now from Google Play Store for free.

3. Crono

Notifications are one of the most distracting things that came across while browsing some important stuff on Chrome or any other browser. Well, not anymore. You can now control the notification from different apps while browsing on the Chrome browser on your PC. Crono lets you view all your mobile notifications directly from the Chrome browser. You don’t need to switch to the respective app every time a notification appears.

This app works in conjunction with a Chrome extension. All you have to do is scan a QR code with your phone, give the necessary permissions, and the notifications will be synced to your PC. As soon as you receive a new notification, the notification counter will be incremented on your Chrome browser. From there, you can directly view the notification. 

One of the best features of this app is, you can select the apps from which you’ll receive notifications. Apart from this, you can use Crono for finding your misplaced device, sharing clipboard content from your PC to phone, and also opening the tab on your Chrome browser on mobile directly from your PC. All of the above, you can get all these features for free of cost. So, download it now from PlayStore and start using it.

4. Glitch Lab

No doubt, Google Play Store is flooded with image editing softwares. So, what makes the Glitch Lab different from them? For one, this is one of the most powerful image editing tools available on Android. It offers a smooth and clean interface that lets you easily turn your photos into a masterpiece. Secondly, there are tons of effects available to try on.

You can select the type of distortion as well as the portion of the image where you’d like the effect to come into play. You can also adjust the angles, regularity, intensity, and many other factors to make your photo look professional.

There are two versions of this app available on the Play Store. One is free while others are paid that comes with all the features unlocked for use. However, the free version is sufficient to make your masterpiece. While, if you want some more tools and effects to try on, you can purchase the PRO version of this app.

5. Ruff

If you love scribbling any sort of notes on your little diary, then this is the perfect choice for you. Ruff is a notepad app that gives you the freedom to write whatever you want without bothering up of grammar, spelling, or any format.  You can write whatever you want no matter how long it is. 

It offers two theme options – dark and light. You can choose whatever you want but the dark mode is recommended as it doesn’t strain much on your eyes. At the bottom of the interface, you can view the word and character counter with the length of the article in minutes.

Like most of the apps, it also has two versions – free and paid. The free version comes with a big text page and the premium version adds a stash feature, multiple notes, and some other features. So, with this app, you can easily write whatever comes into your mind to read it later. Ruff is available now on PlayStore. If you haven’t tried this app, go and give it a try.

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