Top 5 Best iOS Apps For September 2020


Like every month, we are back with five new iOS apps for you to try in the month of September 2020. We have surfed through thousands of apps on the App Store so that you don’t have to.

This shortlist contains iOS apps that are designed to not only empower your creativity and strengthen mental abilities but also provide internet privacy and device personalization options for better user experience. Be sure to check them out below one-by-one.

1. Anchor

If you are interested in starting your own podcast, Anchor is an excellent platform for you to unleash your creativity. It offers podcast creation tools for the public, along with free hosting and distribution tools for sharing your voice across preferred listening platforms.

With the Anchor app on your iPhone/iPad, you can record audio from anywhere you want. It has a built-in episode builder that lets you edit and visualize audio segments on the go. You can also add transitions, sound effects, and background tracks from Anchor’s royalty-free audio library. In addition, you can even add voice messages from your listeners. The app lets you record podcasts remotely with up to four people, and it doesn’t matter how far or close they are from you.

Alongside podcast creation tools, Anchor also offers a cover art generator for your podcast. Furthermore, it can detect external microphones, and you can import your voice recordings to the app as well.

One of the best things about Anchor is its analytic dashboard, which lets you track listener counts from several podcast platforms and offers a detailed view of your listener’s demographics. You can even apply for Anchor sponsorships and monetize your podcast, no matter what your audience size is.

Anchor offers unlimited storage for your podcast episodes. There are no hidden charges, and you won’t be asked to pay any monthly fees. You can also choose to distribute your podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and additional podcast apps directly from the Anchor app.

The Anchor app is also free to download on the App Store. Visit to learn more about Anchor’s features.

2. Onion Browser

Onion Browser is an open-source web browser based on the Tor Project. It encrypts your web activities and reroutes your network traffic through the Tor Network, which is basically a chain of private servers across the globe. It’s pretty much impossible for anyone to spy on your web searches or track your real location on the Tor Network, making you anonymous on the web.

If you care about your safety and privacy on the web, then consider using Onion Browser. It not only blocks trackers on different websites but also secures your browsing history from your internet service provider and public Wi-Fi hotspots. It also forces webpages to load in HTTPS, providing a more secure browsing experience. With Onion Browser, you can also access .onion websites, which you can’t otherwise access from regular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Onion Browser works almost like a VPN, albeit with better security and encryption protocols in place. It automatically clears tabs and cookies once you close the browser, as well as blocks malicious scripts on untrusted websites. You can also change the security levels for individual websites, plus manually configure the bridge for the Tor Circuit.

Since your network traffic is encrypted and then relayed through the Tor Network, your web browsing experience is prone to suffer from slowdowns when using Onion Browser. However, it ensures that your privacy on the web is uncompromised. By default, the browser also blocks media streams to safeguard your location.

Similar to the Onion Browser on other platforms, you can download it for free on your iOS device. The browser has in-app purchases, but it only is for supporting the developer. All of Onion Browser’s privacy-enhancing features can be used for free.

3. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is a cognitive training app that helps you train your brain in an interactive manner. The app first prompts you to take a 10-minute test to get a baseline score of your memory, flexibility, attention, speed, problem-solving skills, language, math, logic, etc. Then, it shows you a score comparison with others of your age. The app has dozens of games that you can play to enhance your strengths and weaknesses. Lumosity also gives your detailed insights from your training sessions.

The games have been designed by real scientists that can improve your common cognitive patterns. Lumosity offers over 40+ activities as of now, with new activities and features added with frequent updates. Based on your baseline scores, the app will suggest sets of games for you to play, so that you can challenge your brain in different ways and diminish your key weaknesses.

Lumos Labs, the developer of Lumosity, is also working with several university researchers in different countries. It gives them the chance to tap untouched areas of human cognition and design new activities for you to improve your mental abilities.

Lumosity is available in several languages, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, etc. You can get it for free from the App Store. Bear in mind that Lumosity has a Premium tier, which unlocks new personalized training programs and offers a more comprehensive insight for your training sessions. It will cost you $11.99/month and $59.99/year. Regional pricing is subject to your location.

4. Vectornator X: Design Software

With Vectornator X on your iPhone or iPad, you can create your own vector graphic designs with the app’s powerful tools and intuitive editor menu. Whether you want to create beautiful illustrations, stunning designs, or detailed layouts, you can create anything you want on the go.

The app has all the tools and features that you usually see on desktop software. Combined with Apple’s powerful chipset and optimization, Vectornator X can quite possibly be your choice of software for creating vector graphic designs when you are not on your desktop. It has a card-based user interface that cleans out the clutter from your screen, and it natively supports the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The primary set of vector drawing tools consists of Pen, Brush, Node, and Shape tools. You can also align, mask, group, rotate, scale, order, and duplicate the vector elements as per your preference. Vectornator X also provides advanced vector tools, including boolean, corner radius, path outlining, separating, combining, etc. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the typography tool, giving you total control over tracking, kerning, line height adjustments, text outlining, font importing, and more.

Not to mention, you can work with multiple canvases on a single document, as well as use the Auto Trace feature to convert bitmap images into vectors. Vectornator X even has a color picker tool that supports hex input, wide color gamut, gradients, palettes, blending, etc. The built-in Iconator library offers 80,000+ icons that you can add to your designs.

Vectornator X comes with plenty of service and platform integrations as well. It’s compatible with not only Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud but also iCloud for project back-ups. The app lets you import and export vector designs in several different formats, with support for separate layer exports.

Vectornator X is entirely free to use, with zero in-app purchases or premium features. The app works best on the iPad Pro models and iPhones newer than the 6s.


If you are a fan of satellite imagery of the Earth, planets, and space, then WLPPR is a must-have app on your iOS device. With WLPPR, you get access to an exceptional collection of high-resolution wallpapers based on images captured by imaging satellites in orbit and beyond. The app also offers relevant information on a particular image that you select, with links to the official scientific sources.

The wallpaper library is updated with new collections on a weekly basis, and you can browse through a variety of backdrop choices as per your liking. WLPPR also lets you save the images to your gallery and share them with others on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

WLPPR is a free wallpapers app for iOS, but it does offer premium wallpaper collections from $0.99.

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