Top 5 Best iOS Apps For October 2020


The latest version of iOS, dubbed as iOS 14, brings many customization options and new features to the table. However, apps that you currently use will stay the same, meaning that you will miss out on a brand-new experience.

Although the App Store offers thousands of apps, you probably won’t go through all of them to find better alternatives for what you currently use. However, we have been posting listicles dedicated to the best iOS apps every month to help our readers find hidden gems in the App Store.

You can check out this month’s list of top 5 best iOS apps and try them out yourself. We have listed a variety of apps offering different features and functionality.

1. Apollo for Reddit

There are many unofficial Reddit clients on the App Store, but none of them is as good as Apollo. Due to its intuitive user interface and a plethora of features, Apollo for Reddit has received widely positive feedback from popular tech websites. More than 80% of reviewers on the App Store gave it a five-star rating.

Apollo strictly follows iOS design guidelines to make the experience feel seamless with the operating system. One of the best features of the app is its Jump Bar, which you can use to switch between subreddits you follow quickly. It also has an advanced media viewer that works better than the stock Reddit app and feels fast and responsive.

The comment thread is also revamped. Users can swipe to collapse and get inline previews. Similarly, the Markdown composer is excellent for writing posts, replies, and comments. Apollo also lets users upload images and albums to Imgur, which is a handy feature.

Apollo offers a quick toggle between compact and large posts. It integrates the Safari View Controller to make it easier to browse links and articles. In addition, you can get a preview of media links in the comments without opening it. And finally, you can scrub forward and backward through the GIFs you see on r/gifs.

Other features include an automatic dark mode, customizable gestures, 3D Touch support for context menus, not to mention the app lock with Touch ID, Face ID, and Passcode. The Inbox is revamped with granular controls over notifications. Advanced moderator features have also been included in Apollo. Users can filter posts and block Reddit users and subreddit more efficiently.

iOS 14-specific features have been recently added to the new version of Apollo, including customizable home screen widgets, PiP video, new app icons, and many more. Furthermore, the developer adds dozens of features with every update.

Although the app is free to use, some features are locked behind the Apollo Ultra subscription. Instead of paying monthly or yearly, you can also acquire a lifetime Apollo Ultra license, which will cost you $29.99 (in U.S. pricing).

2. Focos

Focos is one of the best photo-editing apps on iOS, mainly because of its heavy emphasis on computational photography. One of its highlights is its ability to add bokeh effects into any photo, some of it achievable only with large aperture DSLR cameras and high-grade lenses.

Focos make use of true 3D imaging to automatically add shallow depth of field in photos that you capture. It does have a built-in camera viewfinder for capturing and editing photos on the go. Still, you can also import pictures you have previously captured using the stock camera app. It uses machine learning and the raw computational power of iPhone and iPad devices to calculate the depth of field for every photo.

In the editor, you can refocus the portrait photos, as well as generate accurate bokeh spot effects by adjusting the aperture diaphragms. You can get a detailed 3D view of the area depth of captured portraits, then add depth filters to your preferences. You can also simulate bilinear, reflex, swirly, and several other types of lens characteristics. Focos make it possible to add adjustable light sources to photos as well.

On an iPad, the app makes fair use of space and adds all the powerful editing tools in a sidebar. You can also use an Apple Pencil to adjust the misaligned depth map in a photo manually. While some of its features might overwhelm you, they are relatively easy to use. The app has video tutorials that you can follow to improve your photo-editing skills.

Focos is free to download on the App Store, but some of the features mentioned above are exclusive to Focos pro users. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions, but you can get lifetime unlimited access to Focos pro by paying $12.99.

3. Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate is a brain training app designed to improve your critical cognitive skills, such as comprehension, focus, processing, memory, math, precision, etc. The training is personalized for every individual, and it adapts over time to ensure the best results.

Elevate has been previously nominated for the ‘Apple App of the Year’ list for its proven tests to boost self-confidence and productivity. According to the developer, the training program offers beneficial gains when used at least three times a week.

The program includes over 35 games developed in collaboration with neuroscience experts. The training algorithm is based on years of scientific research on cognitive learning and memory, giving Elevate the ability to personalize the daily workouts for each user.

Elevate offers detailed performance tracking and a workout calendar to help you review your improvements and stay motivated. The difficulty progression adapts to your skills, making the training sessions more challenging.

Apple Watch owners can play four extra mini-games to improve cognitive skills on the go. They can also check out personal stats on the Watch with Elevate’s compact dashboard.

If you wish to improve your key abilities, try out Elevate on your iOS device today. While its basic features are available for free, you will have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock exclusive features. There are free trials available.

4. Roku Live TV & Movie Streaming

Roku’s ad-supported streaming service, The Roku Channel, has recently made its debut on iOS devices. You can now enjoy thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more on-demand, as well as 100+ live entertainment, news, and sports TV channels for free on your iPhone.

Alongside ad-supported content, you can also subscribe to premium add-on content providers like HBO, Cinemax, Epix, Starz, and Showtime (and dozens more) directly from the streaming app and access their content catalogs. Some of the premium content is unlocked for free-tier users every month.

The Roku Channel app on iOS offers individual playback controls for live TV and on-demand streams, and you can also scrub the timeline. The app doesn’t ask users to log in or create an account unless you want to access the premium streaming library.

You can download Roku’s live TV and movie streaming app for free on the App Store. There are no hidden charges or additional fees. However, note that the service is available only in the United States.

5. Widgetsmith

iOS 14 has finally added the option to put widgets on the home screen. With Widgetsmith, you can take your home screen customization to the next level.

Widgetsmith offers an extensive collection of widgets, which you customize precisely to your preferences. From date to weather to astronomy to calendar to a timezone converter, you can adjust the widget’s appearance and font style to match your home screen theme.

You can also schedule different widget functions to appear on a single widget at a particular time. It helps you save space on your home screen instead of cluttering it up with several widgets. Since Widgetsmith integrates Apple Health, you can also set a widget to show your activity ring when you are outdoors.

For more widget customization options, you can subscribe to Widgetsmith Premium on a monthly or yearly basis.

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