Top 5 Best Android Games For September 2020


PUBG Mobile has been recently banned in India for “impinging upon the sovereignty and integrity” of the country, as several apps and games of Chinese-origin have been under fire for logging user data without prior consent.

Now that you won’t be able to play PUBG Mobile in India anymore, you probably are looking for other games to play on your Android device. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of titles in the Play Store for you to try out.

We have listed the five best Android games in this article that you should definitely check out in this month of September. For a new list of Android games like this one, be sure to come back again next month!

1. Among Us

Among Us is an online murder-mystery game released back in 2018. It has been recently making headlines for 1.5 million concurrent players on Steam, due to its popularity among YouTube and Twitch streamers. The game is available on several platforms, including Android.

Among Us is set in a spaceship that has a group of crew members. However, one of them is an imposter, whose main objective is to sabotage the spaceship and kill everyone aboard. The other crew members have to find out who the real imposter is.

An online match in Among Us consists of five to ten players. The more crew members on the spaceship, the harder it is to find the imposter. Among the players, a few will get the role as an imposter, while others will have to complete a few tasks and escape the imposter. If the imposter survives before getting voted out of the spaceship and manages to kill everyone, he/she will win. There can be up to three imposters at the same time on the spacecraft.

In case the crew members manage to identify the imposters early and kick them out, then the crew members win the game. However, crewmates can communicate with each other for a very limited time. Also, every player gets a chance to call an emergency meeting upon seeing a deceased crew member.

Although Among Us is free on Android, the game enforces in-app microtransactions for cosmetic items, such as caps, masks, hats, etc. You will also find additional downloadable content in the game.

2. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is Ubisoft’s new role-playing game for mobile devices. The game consists of legendary characters from Ubisoft’s famous franchises, including several operators from Rainbow Six, Division agents from The Division, “The Ghosts” from Ghost Recon, and upper-class Echelon agents (e.g., Sam Fisher) from Splinter Cell. The game also features iconic villains from the respective franchises.

You can assemble your favorite heroes and villains from Tom Clancy’s video game universe and train them to battle against powerful opponents in a 5v5 turn-based tactical shooter. The game features dozens of maps from the franchises, including the Presidential Plane from Rainbox Six Siege, Detention Facility from Splinter Cell Blacklist, Death Angel Church from Ghost Recon Wildlands, Brooklyn Bridge from The Division, and many more.

As you put your elite squad on the battlefield against squads of other players in the game, you earn more experience points and rare gear. You can use it to train, equip, and upgrade your squad team and unleash their full potential. You have to build the ultimate strategy to weaken your opponents and defeat them by engaging in intense PvP fights.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has a leaderboard system. You can invite your friends and other players over the Guild Wars and try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Since it’s a free-to-play game, there are some in-game items that you will be encouraged to buy for real money. However, you can disable the purchases from the game settings.

3. OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure is a mobile RPG dungeon crawler that requires players to explore the world and unlock new areas by fighting against evolving enemies. All you have to do is use your fighting skills and survive against monsters at all costs.

There are a handful of playable characters in OneBit Adventure, each having unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. You can play as a Warrior, Blood Knight, Wizard, Necromancer, or a Pyromancer. You will have to level up your character and increase the stats of your heroes so that they can keep up the pace against powerful enemies.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward. You can move your character by swiping the screen and bump on the enemies to attack them. Every time you defeat an enemy, you will earn experience points. However, you will only have a limited amount of health points. The more you earn XP, the better upgrades you will unlock for your character.

Throughout the world, you will also find coins, items, and several other loots. You will find health items as well, which you can use to replenish your HP bar and progress through the adventure. Apart from encountering normal enemies, you will occasionally face boss battles too.

OneBit Adventure is free on the Play Store, albeit with in-game purchases for character upgrades and unlocking skills. If you are a fan of casual RPG games, then definitely give OneBit Adventure a try on your Android device.

4. Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad is an old-school, side-scrolling action game that lets you play as a SWAT trooper and deal with criminals in Nowhere City, USA.

You have to customize your gear and breach into the place of high-profile criminals to neutralize them. You will also have to rely on the unique in-game strategic abilities system to not only use weapons in a precise manner but also refill gear and health packs for yourself. Furthermore, you will be the one to decide whether your squad members’ lives are worth saving or not.

Door Kickers: Action Squad consists of six playable characters: Assaulter, Breacher, Shield, Recon, Agent Fergie, and Off-Duty Guy. Each character offers unique gameplay and level-up options, along with different types of gear and firepower. You will encounter 20+ types of dangerous enemies and have to complete four mission objectives.

The game also offers 80+ non-linear levels, plus an endless tower mode and a zombie invasion mode. You can play Door Kickers: Action Squad with either the on-screen controls or a controller if you want.

You will have to make a one-time purchase of ₹280, and the game will be linked to your Google account. Note that there are zero in-game microtransactions.

5. Color Roll: Slide Block Puzzle

Color Roll is a challenging puzzle game that helps you improve your hand-eye coordination and perception. All you have to do is slide the blocks and get the same wanted pattern on each level. However, you can only slide a limited number of blocks, and the patterns get progressively complex over the completion of levels.

The game features unique and creative puzzles, and you can choose between easy and hard game modes. You can play Color Roll offline, as it doesn’t require you to remain connected to the internet. For those who can’t make out differences between particular colors, the game also offers a color-blind mode for the best experience.

If you like challenging puzzle games, install Color Roll for free from the Play Store and check it out. In-game advertisements are present, but you do get the option to remove it.

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