Tips and tricks to pass CISA Exam


The advancement of technology and growth of the medical sector has changed the approach of education trends across the globe. You must be wondering which are the best courses to study in this modern world? CISA Certification Course is considered to be one of the best courses that you should pursue which would benefit you. If you are looking to work in corporate at a high position, pursuing a CISA course would make your dreams come true. It is a recognized certification course offered by prominent institutions.

Why do you need to give the CISA exam?

CISA or Certified Information Systems Auditor is a kind of certification provided by ISACA for the individuals who are responsible to ensure that the IT department and other business systems are appropriately monitored, managed and secured in an organization. This certification is a recognized standard for assessing the knowledge of IT auditors, skills in evaluating vulnerabilities and operating technology controls in an organization. It is important for you to pass the examination in order to audit the jobs of the auditor. It is designed for the auditors of IT, managers of audit control teams, consultants and security professionals.

If you want to earn the CISA certificate, you must pass the examination of CISA with a score of 450 and above (usually scored between 200 to 800) and should have an experience of about five years in any organization as a full-time employee. In order to qualify for the examination, you should be having an experience in the fields of auditing, controls, assurance, procurement or security. The work experience should be less than 10 years prior to the application submission of the candidate or within five years of passing the CISA exam. Few substitutions or waivers can be considered.

Tips to outperform in CISA Exam

Since CISA examination is considered to be amongst the toughest examinations held across the globe and is not quite easy to pass, we have come up with below tips and tricks which would assist you in passing the examination:

1. Revision of CISA Guide

This is the most important point which you should focus, on if you want to pass the examination with a good score. This reference point will help you in preparing for the examination by providing you with the knowledge of contents, designing modules for System Auditor and many more important factors which would help you in achieving decent score and certification.

2. CISA Questions

It all depends on the time that you dedicate, to pass an examination. The final outcome will depend on your dedication that you give to learn more about CISA questions, practice them daily and learn the basics or fundamentals of the subject. To master the art of answering, you need to practice different types of questions that can be asked in the examination, daily. You have to dedicate a lot of time preparing for the exam if you want to achieve the certification.

3. Focus

The main examination consists of auditing the data, controlling it and implementing security controls based on the scenario given in the examination. You need to be thorough with the chapters and lessons, in order to demonstrate a working model immediately in the examination hall and solve the questions related to real-time applications issues which happen in an organization.

4. Use ISACA Website

There is a lot of information available on the official website of ISACA that you can leverage to learn more about the type of preparation required to pass the examination. You can focus on assessment questions, whitepapers downloads, information guidelines and IS audit guidelines.

5. CISA Articles

You can also research online and go through the CISA articles in order to understand how to create models or solve real-time issues. These websites also provide you a lot of questions which are based on the real-life incidents which would assist you in preparing, equipping and gaining appropriate confidence to pass the examination easily. You must have a focus on your areas of development and work accordingly to pass the examination and achieve the certification. You can also join reputed training institutions providing CISA Certification course so as to learn more about the tips and tricks to pass the exam.

For more information, you can also research online about CISA certification Course and practice numerous questions and answers, to ‘ace’ the examination.

Why CISA certification is required?

Most of the employers hire CISA certified individuals who have a good knowledge of IS audit, controls, procurement or security skills which they acquire while preparing for the examination. Employers usually look for:

  • Highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Providing assurance certificates and confidence to the third-party clients when it comes to security or controls
  • Qualified professionals who are excellent indicators and have a good command in placing technology controls in the enterprise.
  • Maintain the ongoing process development by contributing their valuable opinion and ideas.

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