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The Top AR Smart Glasses Vendors for 2024

Demand for AR glasses is increasing, not just in the consumer landscape but also in the enterprise space. By 2033, some analysts believe the value of the AR glasses market will reach an incredible $72 billion, and new innovators are constantly entering the space.  

Used for everything from remote assistance to collaboration, AR glasses have the power to transform how we work and live. Some organizations are even exploring ways to combine multiple facets of extended reality, creating mixed reality and AR/VR solutions.  

To help you navigate this growing marketplace, we’ve assessed some of the most impressive companies in the industry to create this comprehensive market map.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our AR Smart Glasses Marketplace.

  • Goertek 
  • XReal 
  • Lenovo 
  • Iristick 
  • Vuzix 
  • Magic Leap 
  • XYZReality 
  • Longan Vision 
  • Rokid 
  • ThirdEye 
  • Toshiba 
  • Epson 
  • RealWear 
  • Microsoft 
  • Lumus 
  • TCL RayNeo 

Producing various “optical solutions” for the extended reality landscape, Goertek offers a range of VR headsets, AR glasses, and numerous accessories. Solutions like the AR All-in-one glasses feature 6 degrees of freedom tracking, RGB cameras, and proximity sensors. There are even built-in speakers and swappable frames available.  

Goertek focuses heavily on ergonomics and comfort with its glasses, using ultra-lightweight materials, a unique hinge design, and features that help optimize heat dissipation. Plus, users can combine their AR glasses with haptic feedback gloves, controllers, and panoramic cameras.   

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Currently exploring the world of spatial computing, XReal produces a wide selection of AR glasses and headsets. Options like the XReal Air combine an ergonomic design, a 46-degree field of view, and various connectivity options. The XReal Air 2 features light shields for enhanced immersion and integrated speakers.  

Plus, XReal recently introduced their XReal Air 2 Ultra specs, which build on the success of the previous models with advanced spatial computing and hand-tracking capabilities. XReal’s glasses can also be paired with prescription lenses, XReal adapters, and the XReal Beam for enhanced connectivity with various computer systems.  

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Known for its extensive range of computing solutions, Lenovo stepped into the augmented reality space with its “ThinkReality” glasses. Designed for enterprise users, these AR glasses allow users to enter a secure workspace wherever they are, accessing editing tools and software, personal office solutions, and more.  

Lenovo’s glasses can be customized to suit any need, with interchangeable front covers that include industrial-compliant safety shields. Business users can also access the comprehensive ThinkReality platform with single sign-on for remote assistance, 3D digital collaboration, guided workflow support, and more. The glasses can also tether to smartphones and computers.  

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Focusing on the enterprise landscape, Iristick produces smart glasses and intelligent solutions to boost productivity and support immersive collaboration. The Iristick H1 is a unique set of head-mounted glasses featuring optical zoom lenses, a barcode scanner, and a dual central camera for hands-free communication and remote assistance.  

Iristick’s G2 glasses are a set of certified smart safety specs equipped with an optimized central camera, powerful optical zoom, and more. There’s even a set of “Pro” G2 glasses, which include a touchpad and voice command support for hands-free operations. These glasses can also connect with a range of accessories offered by the Iristick team.  

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Supporting businesses worldwide, Vuzix has created an extensive selection of AR glasses, empowering everyone from industrial employees to frontline workers. Options range from the Vuzix M400, M4000, and M400C to the Vuzix Blade 2, with advanced full-color waveguide projection technology and an HD camera.  

Vuzix also produces the “Vuzix Shield” smart glasses, specially built for industrial use, with a powerful 8-core CPU. The company even produces its own Remote Assist software to help organizations make the most of their smart glasses for employee training and support. Vuzix also offers a range of accessories and prescription lens options for its AR glasses.  

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Focusing on the business landscape, Magic Leap produces mixed and augmented reality solutions to enhance collaboration and productivity. The company’s central product, the Magic Leap 2, is lightweight and ergonomic. They can integrate with a vast range of software solutions and feature some of the best computing performance capabilities in the market. 

Magic Leap also has its own developer platform to ensure organizations can create customized solutions for their specific workflows. Plus, the company produces its own unique range of apps. There’s the Magic Leap Assist application for remote employee support and the Magic Leap Workshop for collaboration and prototyping.  

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XYZReality produces both hardware and software for the extended reality space. The XYZ platform gives companies access to various tools for BIM data syncing and workflow management. The company also produces custom AR glasses, such as the Atom headset, which combines a construction safety helmet with augmented reality displays.  

XYZReality’s headsets are built with construction protocols in mind and are certified according to ANSI and BSI standards. Bonus features include I7 quadcore processing, ITB of storage built into the device, and hot-swappable batteries for all-day use. 

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Concentrating on using extended reality to improve work experience and performance, Longan Vision designs specialist solutions for a range of industries. The company’s FVS (Fusion Vision System) offering is a helmet-mounted augmented reality device specially engineered for firefighters. This solution comes with enhanced vision information-sharing capabilities and intelligent tools to help protect and empower workers in the field.  

Longan Vision can also produce a range of unique solutions for different scenarios. For instance, the company creates tools tailored to the needs of military and search and rescue teams. Plus, the organization can provide access to various software solutions for data gathering, thermal imaging and more.  

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Targeting consumers and business users, Rokid offers solutions like the Rokid AR Max specs, which combine powerful sound with a customizable AR screen. Weighing only 75 grams, these glasses provide an ergonomic experience and enhance comfort with comprehensive Myopia correction. There’s a 120 Hz refresh rate for a smooth and vibrant visual experience.  

Moreover, the Rokid Max glasses also include built-in speakers for high-quality sound. These glasses can be combined with the Rokid Station, which allows users to access a range of apps, such as Android TV, at the click of a button. Rokid also has its own AR development platform, available to users who want to build their own applications.  

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ThirdEye produces both software solutions and hardware for the augmented reality landscape. The company’s products address the needs of companies, military groups, and governments and can be customized to suit specific user needs. Solutions like the Alpha1 smart glasses come with ThirdEye’s RealEye AI and HoloEye AI software already built in. 

They support a 50-degree field of view and 6DoF tracking via a Unity SDK. ThirdEye also offers the X2 MR glasses, which include free software and developer support, allowing users to build and test 3D applications, collaborate with team members, and even leverage thermal imaging capabilities.   

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Technology giant Toshiba produces AR glasses for enterprise users. Solutions like the DynaEdge glasses combine hardware and software in a single turnkey package, giving companies access to Remote Support, workflow instructions, and real-time data capture applications. The smart specs feature built-in speakers and dual microphones for collaboration. Companies can also access various mounting options, connecting the specs with safety helmets and headbands.  

Toshiba’s glasses include a 5-megapixel camera with video capture capabilities and automatic focus. Plus, they include various sensors to help track movement and activity. The smart glasses can also be purchased alongside the Toshiba DynaEdge DE-100 system for device management. 

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Computer technology company, Epson has produced a handful of AR solutions in the last few years, starting with the Moverio BT-40 specs. These glasses give users a vibrant 1080p display and built-in solutions for privacy. The Moverio BT-45CS glasses, intended for industrial environments, feature a rugged design and intelligent controller, as well as an 8MP camera.  

There are also the Moverio BT-40SN glasses, which are specially designed for commercial applications. Epson also offers users AR accessories, such as the BO-IC400N controller, which can be paired with any of the company’s AR glasses. The controller features built-in sensors, a high-resolution camera with autofocus, and a speaker and microphone.  

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Combining extended reality with artificial intelligence, RealWear produces smart glasses for industrial applications and frontline workers. The company’s hardware can integrate with various business apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Teamviewer. Moreover, the company also produces its own software, such as RealWear One and the RealWear cloud platform. 

Smart glasses available from the brand range from the ATEX Zone 1 verified smart glasses for oil and gas workers, to the RealWear Navigator collection. The Navigator 520 is optimized for industrial use, with an extended battery life and versatile connectivity features. RealWear also produces a range of accessories and add-on solutions, like a thermal camera system.  

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Technology giant Microsoft’s AR glasses combine augmented reality with mixed reality capabilities. The ergonomic and untethered holographic device comes pre-installed with various business applications, such as Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Dynamics 365 Guides. The HoloLens 2 also features 4 visible light cameras for head tracking, 2 IR cameras for eye tracking, and a 5 channel microphone array. 

Users can also access built-in spatial sound and AI virtual assistant technology. Moreover, Microsoft offers numerous versions of its headset, including an industrial edition designed to support regulated environments and a headset kit for developers.  

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Technology innovator Lumus produces lightweight and ergonomic AR glasses and lenses. The company’s solutions range from the Maximus OE-2D pupil expansion waveguide, with a 50-degree field of view, to the Vision lenses with 1080p resolution. There’s also the Minimus OLED display and the TD-2020 industrial strengthen lenses for users searching for robust technology.  

Lumus promises exceptional visual quality with its solutions, ensuring minimal distortions and true-to-life colors. The company even produces lenses for other augmented reality developers, like the Lenovo ThinkReality headset.  

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Offering various extended reality solutions to business leaders, RayNeo produces AR glasses, software, and accessories. The company’s RayNeo Air 2 XR glasses combine a 120 HZ refresh rate with dynamic stereo sound and Sony Micro OLED displays. There are also solutions like the NXTWEAR S glasses, with a 201” virtual screen and multi-device compatibility.  

XR consumers can also explore the TCL NXTWEAR S+ glasses, with refined stereo sound and a 215” virtual display 6 meters away. Most recently, RayNeo also introduced their new X2 glasses, a set of binocular full-color glasses with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and access to a built-in AI assistant.  

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