The Brief Guide to Become a Spy Camera Detector


Hotels and clothing stores install cameras in their room. Following we are giving you a guide for how to find them with a tracker app like cocospy. So, read till the end!

How to Find a Hidden Camera

Following, we are giving you some old school tips that will help you find if someone hides a camera in your room or not. We will show you how to detect spy camera including scanning the room, shutting down lap, and using best hidden camera detector app like Cocospy.

Scan the Room in Dark

If you have reasons to believe that the room has hidden cameras, you have to turn the light off before you enter and pull-down curtains. Make sure the room is pitch black. Now wait for a few moments because your eyes need some time to adjust to the tar

Once you are fine, you have to scan the room in the dark and look for a blinking led or red light. If you want, you can pinpoint area before turning the lights off; you will get a vibe that it has a camera and scan it with lights off. You have to scan the whole room and think where you would put the camera. Don’t worry, take your time to scan the room in the dark.

Use Your Smartphone’s Camera

This is a tracking app. It is featured in several top-tier publications. Some of these publications are New York Times, Forbes, PC World and Android Authority. The app is used and loved by millions of users around the world.

The app helps you to track and recover live calls. You will have to track and record live calls. Moreover, you can also track text messages and emails. This app also lets you track social media in real time.

If you want, you can also keep tabs on the target’s cellphone. This app lets you view their contacts and browser history. It gets you access to their address book and calendar. You will have to read their instant messages and obtain remote control access of their device.

Spyware apps require you to jailbreak or root your smartphone. This is not the case with Cocospy. It works with both iOS and android without any issue. It’s easy to use and install.

You can use this app to keep track of almost anyone. Just download it from the official website nad install it on your and target device. Get the premium version because it comes with several added functions. Access the target device in person to install the app.

We just added a snapshot of Dashboard It has easy to understand and use interface.

Use the Flashlight

Its time you put your smartphone’s flashlight to use. Most smartphones today come equipped with a flashlight. You better use it and scan the whole room for any reflective lights from the lens of another camera. You can try and flash the flashlight into tiny holes in the wall, or a hidden place. This will help you find the hidden camera inside these specific areas.

Mind the Mirrors

You can’t forgive the mirror in this case. So, before you get comfortable in the hotel or trial room, you better check and see whether the mirror is clean or not. You will be surprised to learn where people can hide their cameras.

Mirrors are perhaps the favorite location of people who hide the camera. Look closely at the mirror and look for a pinhole or see whether it’s a two-way mirror. You can check physically for any pinhole in the mirror. But if you want to see whether this is a two-way mirror, you have to put your finger on it and see whether you touch your finger reflection or not If it touches, then this it is a two-way mirror.

You can also dim the lights because two-way mirrors only work if the light is bright on the other side. You can also see the other side if your room is dark enough.

Check for Electromagnetic Waves

Hide cameras need to be activated the whole day long. They depend on a power source. Now, this can be a battery or a power outlet. It’s not a known facto but hidden cameras emit electromagnetic waves because they are an electrical device. So, when you call someone, you will get a static or clicking noise when you are near such a device. So, you have to place the call around and scan the room for any static noise.

The static noise can come from anywhere, whether the camera is hidden or not. This is an effective way to find the hidden camera and stay safe.

What to Do if you Find a Hidden Camera?

If you end up finding a hidden camera by any chance, then you have to take its snap with the location and report it to police. It doesn’t matter whether this is a trial room in a clothing store or a room in a hotel; no one is allowed to install a camera there and tap into what their guests do.

You are paying for their service and privacy is your right. This is not something you should take lightly. So, instead, step up and take action against such severe crimes. It will work out well for you.

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