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The Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Screen Protectors of 2024

How many people can really say they’ve never dropped their phone? Once is all it takes for your fancy new Samsung Galaxy S24 to fall flat on the screen. To avoid a sudden trip to the repair shop and expensive bills, having a screen protector is a must.



Best Galaxy S24 Screen Protector Overall: Temdan Clear Case

Temdan Clear Case Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24

The Temdan Case is the perfect choice if you’re looking for full protection and not just the screen. As a 2-in-1 screen protector and case, the face of your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24 is protected from scratches, while the rest has military-grade drop protection. The sides have thick bumpers and airbags at the corners to further prevent damage.

The Temdan Case doesn’t stop at excellent protection; it’s equally strong against weather. Seeing as it encases your Samsung Galaxy S24 thoroughly, it also has an IP68 dust and water-resistant rating to complement the phone’s rating as well.

Temdan 2-in-1 Case with screen protector Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24

Temdan Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

Best Overall

$23 $29 Save $6

The Temdan Case is like a full-body experience for your Samsung Galaxy S24, offering more than a screen protector but also a waterproof case. It’s rather slim as well, with chunky covers for the side buttons too.


  • Full body protection, including a screen protector
  • IP68 water and dust resistant rating
  • Chunky side buttons

  • Clear case model isn’t waterproof

Natbok screen protector for samsung galaxy s24 with camera lens protector

In the event you need a quick and easy pick, the Natbook Screen Protector hits all the right notes and does so at a stellar price. Having a 9H hardness rating, the tempered glass screen protector is incredibly hard to damage, and common scratches and scuffs aren’t going to break the surface. You even get the same protection on the camera lens!

The Natbook Screen Protector won’t hinder the day-to-day, either. For starters, you can combine the strength of the screen protector with the toughness of a phone case. And you won’t have issues with touch response or the fingerprint scanner.

Natbok screen protector for samsung galaxy s24

Natbook Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

Best Budget

The Natbook Screen Protector is an affordable but protective screen protector for the Galaxy S24. The tempered glass protects against day-to-day scuffs, falls, and scratches while still being case-friendly.


  • You get two screen and camera lens protectors
  • Strong, 9H hardness rating
  • Can still use the fingerprint scanner
  • Case-friendly

  • Does not include an installation frame

Ferilinso 4 Pack Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

The Ferilinso Screen Protector comes in a pack of four, which not only means it’s great for families, but it’s a killer deal. What makes it even more enticing is Ferilinso’s use of aerospace-grade glass and nano-ceramics, creating an incredibly tough shield for your phone screen. To sweeten the deal, you get that same kind of protection with the included camera lens protectors, too.

You’ll also appreciate the little features, like the included mounting frame that makes applying the Ferilinso Screen Protector a breeze. Additionally, there’s an oleophobic coating, which drastically reduces the build-up of fingerprints and oil and makes it quite easy to clean.

ferilinso tempered glass screen protector for samsung galaxy s24

Ferilinso 4-Pack Screen Protectors

Best Multi-pack

Being a pack of four Ferilinso Screen Protectors, you can soup up four Samsung Galaxy S24s with excellent protection against scratches, scuffs, and even drops, or keep spares on hand if required. You’ll also find a mounting frame, cleaning kit, and camera lens protectors to match.


  • Comes in a pack of four
  • Includes a camera protector
  • Case-friendly
  • Includes a mounting frame and cleaning kit

  • Not quite edge-to-edge protection

Milomdoi 4 Pack Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

In this day and age, our smartphones are gateways to our social media, emails, and bank accounts. That’s all the more reason to want privacy, and for that, you’ll want to turn to the Milomdoi Privacy Screen Protector. By narrowing the field of vision to 25 degrees, no one’s going to see what you see unless they’re looking straight on.

Equally important is the Milomdoi Privacy Screen Protector’s 9H+ tempered glass material. On top of having top-tier privacy, your screen can withstand day-to-day accidents like drops, scratches, and scrapes, even from hard objects like keys. As a bonus, there’s also a mounting frame and camera screen protector!

milomdoi privacy screen protector for samsung galaxy s24

Milomdoi Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

Best Privacy Screen Protector

The Milomdoi Privacy Screen Protector is a master class in privacy, thanks to its much narrower viewing angle, which makes it increasingly more difficult for others to snoop. It also doubles as a top-tier screen protector, with a 9H-rated tempered glass, and it also comes with a camera protector.


  • Incredibly difficult for others to see your screen
  • Equally useful for scratch, scuff, and drop protection
  • Comes in a pack of four
  • Case-friendly

DEERLAMN tempered glass camera lens protector for samsung galaxy s24

Some lower-quality screen protectors tend to skip over one important aspect: shielding the camera lens from damage. It deserves the same level of protection, which is why the Deerlamn Camera Lens Protector takes center stage. You aren’t just applying a 9H-rated tempered glass layer to your camera, but it’s specially designed to prevent image quality from tanking.

The Deerlamn Camera Lens Protector is perfectly cut to fit the cameras, making it a cinch to install and, surprisingly, won’t prevent you from using a case. More importantly, it has both AR reflection and optical AR technology, which in practice means you won’t have to worry about glares ruining your photos, nor will it blur your shot.

DEERLAMN 3 pack camera lens protector for samsung galaxy s24

Deerlamn Camera Lens Protector

Best Camera Lens Protector

Being perfectly cut for the Samsung Galaxy S24, the Deerlamn Camera Lens Protector is the perfect companion to an equally strong screen protector. It’s also thin enough that you’ll have no problem slipping on a case.


  • Really easy to install, and the adhesive won’t bubble
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Strong, 9H tempered glass
  • Won’t tank image quality

  • No installation instructions


Q: Do I need a screen protector for my Galaxy S24?

Considering the Samsung Galaxy S24 is expensive, and there’s a chance you’ll drop your phone at some point, it would be wise to have one. On top of acting as a buffer against scratches and scuffs, most have an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint build-up.

Q: Can I use a case with my screen protector on?

Most of the time, yes. Be sure to double-check, though. If it doesn’t say it’s case-friendly, then more than likely, you won’t be able to use a case at the same time. Every screen protector on our list is case-friendly.

Q: What is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)?

TPU is simply a type of plastic. The reason you see it so frequently in cases and screen protectors is that it’s really hard to smudge and quite resilient. It’s also rather malleable, which is also why thermoplastic polyurethane cases are very easy to bend while simultaneously being soft to the touch.

Q: Will any screen protector fit on any Galaxy S24 model?

No. One of the key differences between each model—the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra—is screen size. Naturally, a screen protector for the S24 will be too small for the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra.

Q: How do I apply a screen protector without getting bubbles?

The process is definitely tedious, but with a few tricks, you can avoid bubbles altogether. What is arguably the easiest way is to:

  1. Thoroughly clean the screen, then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. The cloth material is important as you don’t want to leave behind any residue.
  2. Apply the screen protector. Try to keep it centered and avoid as many bubbles as possible. If you see a few, don’t sweat it!
  3. Grab a card, like your license or credit card. Use the flat edge of the card to push the air bubbles out.

That’s all it takes! If you want to try other methods, we have a guide that focuses on ways to apply a screen protector.



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