The Best Minecraft Seeds To Start Your Survival World


Minecraft worlds are procedurally generated, and every world uses pseudorandom values to generate its chunks. The number is called seed, and it makes it possible to generate multiple copies of the same worlds, albeit in the same version of the game.

Whether you are a veteran or a new Minecraft player, having an excellent spawn location gives you a head start in your survival world progress. While you can’t have total control over the terrain itself, you can at least set a world seed manually before generating the world.

You can spawn near a village, river, or a dense forest to start your survival Minecraft journey with a particular seed. In this guide, we have listed some of the best Minecraft seeds that you can use to generate particular worlds.

Ice Spikes and Polar Bears (Bedrock)

Ice Spikes

If you are looking for ice spike plains, then try out this seed. You will spawn at the edge of a forest, and the frozen plains and rivers should be straight in front of you. Depending on the version of the game, you might see rabbits, but the ice plains are mostly inhabited by polar bears.

Seed: 2223210

Woodland Mansion (Java 1.14+)

Woodland Mansion in the distance

You can spawn near a woodland mansion in case you are too lazy to create your survival base. Assuming that you can get some proper gear to defeat all the mobs in the mansion, you can go to the village right beside it and trade some emeralds with the blacksmith to get iron gear. Additionally, you can get some armor, sword, and saddle for free from the chests, as well as food, obsidian blocks, diamonds, and iron/gold ingots.

Seed: 960570313

Emerald Temple in the Desert (Bedrock)

Desert Temple

Pyramid-shaped temples in the desert are quite common, but you can spawn near one to get some starter loot, including diamond, golden apple, diamond horse armor, emeralds, gold ingots, gunpowder, bones, strings, saddle, etc. There will be four chests below the temple.

Assuming that you don’t step on the stone pressure plate, you can break it and harvest the TNTs below it.

Seed: -139003

Badlands Island Chain (Java 1.13+)

Badlands Island

This Minecraft seed makes your spawn on the badlands biome. However, there are chains of small islands through the zone, and it’s in the middle of the ocean. Other than red sand, areas dense with trees, and beautifully generated flat plateaus, there’s nothing much to see. However, it definitely has a unique vibe to it compared to the flat grasslands of Minecraft.

Seed: 291430071

Bamboo Forest and Pandas (Bedrock)

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo forests are one of the most beautiful and dense environments in Minecraft. You can use the seed below to generate a world that puts you right in the middle of bamboo forests, tall jungle trees, and pandas. You can also find and tame parrots, ocelots, and foxes nearby the jungle biome at spawn.

Seed: 1959330209

Jungle Temple and Pillager Outpost (Java 1.14+) 

Jungle Temple and Pillager Outpost

This world spawns you in a jungle biome with a jungle temple or a pyramid in a close distance. Also, there’s a pillager outpost right across the river that intersects the jungle and desert biome. If you manage to get proper gear and beat the pillagers, you can expect to get a Bottle o’ Enchanting, enchanted books, crossbows, arrows, food items, ingots, and wood logs from the pillager outpost chest. You can also set up an AFK raid farm to get massive loots.

Seed: 2029492581

Floating Village (Bedrock)

Floating Village

This particular world seed spawns you a village in the middle of the ocean. Although it looks like to be just floating, it’s actually several blocks deep. You will find a few houses, along with a blacksmith and a church. While a vast ocean surrounds the village, you will discover other islands in the render distance.

Seed: 237634118

Swampy Village (Java 1.15+)

Desert Village in a Swamp

You spawn near a desert village in the middle of a swamp and ocean. Also, there’s no trace of a desert biome nearby, but you will find an upright shipwreck up the village’s coast. The village is relatively small, and you can expect to find some food, decorative blocks, and some additional loot in the tower.

Seed: -1464245863

Floating Island (Bedrock)

Floating Island

If you want to build above a floating island, then use this world seed. It seems like it’s world generation bug in the Bedrock Edition, but it looks nice, nonetheless. Although you spawn in front of the ocean, just turn around and you should see the floating island in the distance.

Whether you are on survival or creative mode, you can build many unique structures on the floating island. Near the spawn, you will also find chains of snowy hills, as well as a few islands.

Seed: 109774369

Librarian Cottage (Java 1.9+)

Librarian Cottage

This peculiar seed drops you near a simple cottage with a librarian inside. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere, residing among the grassy hills, horses, sheep, and cows. You can make some space in the cottage and use it as your starter base, and upgrade it later when you need more space to store your loot.

Seed: -1480351183376464763

Wrapping up

In this guide, we have listed some of the best Minecraft (Java and Bedrock) seeds to start your survival world. If you find unique world seeds like these, please let us know about them in the comments below. We might cover them in a separate guide.

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