Nvidia GauGAN AI turns sketches into Realistic Landscapes


Nvidia has unveiled today a futuristic image creator which turns sketches into photorealistic images in few clicks. This image creator is named as GauGAN which works on a generative adversarial AI system. As of now, this software is just a demonstration of the capabilities of Nvidia’s neural network system.

Using this software one can simply put their world of imaginations into their computer screen. You can simply sketch different shapes or scribble a line and within a few clicks, it gets converted into a mountain range, a lopsided circle can become a lake and many more. What you imagine, just sketch a few lines and turns your imaginations into photorealistic images.

Nvidia GauGAN is pretty intelligent also. It can turn a patch of grass into a lake and it will create reflections on the surface based on what’s surrounding the body of water. As mentioned above, this software works on a generative adversarial AI system which helps it to gather and create some realistic images which get fitted into the environment of the picture. If you want to replace your green grass to snow, your complete environment will automatically change to the winter season to make it realistic.

This is a great piece of work from Nvidia researchers as it will empower users to create their own world of imaginations. Now you don’t have to pick a professional to turn your imaginations into a realistic view, just pick up your mouse and draw your own world, GauGAN will take care of everything else.

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