Mozilla Teams Up with ProtonVPN to sell VPN subscriptions within Firefox


Mozilla has announced that it will team up with ProtonVPN to show an ad offering a VPN subscription to a small set of Firefox users. Mozilla says that it considered the factors such as transparency and data retention policies in picking ProtonVPN for the partnership.

This partnership happened in response with many VPN service cases have been found logging user data.  Because of that, it is now hard to identify which ones actually care about your privacy.

To help resolve the issue, Mozilla has conducted an extensive research and review of many VPN services. “Across numerous studies we’ve consistently heard from our users that they want Firefox to protect their privacy on public networks like cafes and airports.  With that in mind, over the next few months we will be running an experiment in which we’ll offer a virtual private network (VPN) service to a small group of Firefox users.”, Mozilla said in a blog post.

After choosing the best VPN service, Mozilla will now offer ProtonVPN subscriptions to a limited set of Firefox users. “We examined each vendors’ privacy and data retention policies to ensure they logged as little user data as possible. And we considered numerous other factors, including local privacy laws, company track record, transparency, and quality of support. As a result of this evaluation we’ve selected ProtonVPN for this experiment.”, the company said.

The offer starts today, October 24th, wherein the ad will be shown for a selected US-based Firefox users only, who has the latest Firefox 62 version on desktop. The ad will pop up in the top right corner of your Firefox window and will prompt you to click through to a sign-up page, but take note, the ad will only show if you are eligible and browsing on an unsecured network.

Mozilla offers ProtonVPN’s services for $10 a month, it is $2 USD cheaper compared to a direct service subscription through ProtonVPN. Majority of the revenue from ProtonVPN subscriptions through Mozilla will go directly to Mozilla. According to the company, it is a part of their efforts to explore additional sources of revenue that still align with its values.

According to ProtonVPN, if the program will become successful and will earn a lot of revenue, it could expand to all of Mozilla’s more than 300 million users. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex and we will bring you all of its updates.

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