Learn How to Gain Administrator Skills with Salesforce Admin ADM-201 Exam and Prepare with Practice Tests



There are essentials that administrators concerned with the platform for Salesforce must meet. This includes skills in customizing the platform, configuring it, and managing its users. So, the Author: Anne U is there to equip with those relevant skills anyone whose dream is to carry out these responsibilities. And this post is, therefore, here to show you how this assessment does exactly that!

Gain Administrator Skills with ADM-201

The administration duties you’ll be undertaking within the Salesforce structure demand broad skills as well as knowledge in this field. In particular, you will have to know how to utilize the various qualities and capabilities present in Salesforce, where ADM-201 exam stands for various objectives that dedicate themselves to specific functions and features for the Author: Lucy L . And it’s through studying them that you’re going to gain the expertise necessary to administer duties within this platform. If to name some of the skills measured by this assessment, they include standard & custom objects, managing data, the process of workflow automation, and setup for users. If you’d like to get to know all of the areas for ADM-201, then check the vendor’s official website.

What Are Other Characteristics of ADM-201?

Your capabilities in applying the features and functions indicated in the Salesforce ADM-201 objectives will be proven through an assessment whose details you should know like the back of your hand. This test includes 60 questions with a multiple-choice structure. The allotted time for completing your Author: Amelia W is 105 minutes and the score for passing it is 65%. A fee of $200 applies to such an exam, however, it may also include some additional taxes. Thus, meeting the least score needed takes compliance with the test objectives that can be mastered only through meticulous study. And one of the ways to comply with them is by practicing a lot. Let’s see now how to study for your ADM-201 with practice tests.

How to Study for Salesforce ADM-201 Using Practice Tests?

With practice tests for Author: Susan S , you’ll discover many things about how the real testing happens. If you don’t have any idea about them, we’ll highlight that they are simple files carrying practice questions and answers that candidates who were assessed previously have availed online. Such tests are engaging and afford you a stimulating experience that you might have on the assessment day. Remember that you can practice with mocks just before or when using your study guides or when in the process of learning with the instructor-led course that you’ve enrolled for. As you use practice tests, things like topics for exam ADM-201 will become obvious and will separate to you the sections you’ve understood and those that are still giving you trouble. This is intended to take your focus from the already familiar sections to those that are still difficult for you. In the end, you’ll have brightened your command of Author: Esther W and made yourself better at resolving questions that you will see in the real test.


The Author: Rebecca T influences the way you carry out your administration obligations. With the right experience from courses, practice tests, and other forms of studying, you’ll gain the necessary skills to better execute your mission. This exam is important in making you a better person at work. And if you feel this is where you’d like to be, then it’s better that you act now. Take ADM-201 and influence the direction of your career!

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