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Internet Can’t Cope With Source of ‘Stomps’ Coming From Upstairs Apartment

A cat named Bambi is stealing hearts on TikTok with her assertive strut towards the front door of the apartment that she lives in.

The moment was captured by Bambi’s owner and shared as a video to the social media site. The clip has garnered over 15 million views since it was first shared by @bambi.jerrythepanda.

“Would you be so mad if Bambi was your neighbor?” teases the caption, playfully addressing the feisty feline’s loud paws, which, the creator jokes, may have been heard by their upstairs neighbors who could be on their way down to complain about noise.

The short clip showcases Bambi’s determined march, a sight full of comical gravitas. The owner suggests that the viewer turn up the volume while watching the clip to catch the full effect of Bambi’s “paw stomps,” adding a layer of humor to the spectacle.

TikTok users have been quick to react, filling the comment section with laughter and admiration for Bambi’s bold demeanor. “My upstairs neighbor has a fat fluffy ragdoll cat that broke into my apartment and tried to fight me. Stomps just like this,” wrote one amused viewer, @llexx.ox.

Another user, @iamcamcamok, asked: “Does she always walk like this or just when she’s got something to say?”

“You just know [she’s] doing it on purpose,” a third user, @flepancakes, joked.

The universal appeal of pets doing humorous and relatable things continues to be a winning formula on social media platforms. Videos like the one of Bambi often tap into a collective need for light-hearted content, especially in times that can feel overwhelmingly serious.

More than 2.8 million people have liked the clip to date, while more than 8,000 have left comments.

Bambi the TikTok-famous cat. A viral social media video captured and poked fun at the feline’s astonishingly loud paw stomps.


Videos like these can offer a glimpse into the natural body language and social cues of pets like cats. They demonstrate that cats, often stereotyped as being standoffish and aloof, can have a protective side akin to their canine counterparts.

As Bambi’s video spreads across the internet, it not only entertains but also sparks conversations about pet behavior, the joy of pet ownership, and the little moments of humor that animals bring into human lives.

“My upstairs neighbors sound like they have bricks tied to their feet when they walk around…but I love to listen to their cats gallop around like they’re 1200 pound horses,” another TikTok user, @kg_.to, wrote.

“She looks like she wants to speak to the manager,” @babylightbright added.

Newsweek reached out to @bambi.jerrythepanda for more information via TikTok.

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