How to watch Netflix together with friends


The ongoing pandemic and social distancing have forced people to stay more at home. We all miss the group activities that we are so used to, like birthday parties, game nights, and watching movies with friends. However, most of these things can also be done virtually.

If you plan to have a digital Netflix party with your friends that don’t involve syncing the playback across video calls, you can use the Teleparty Chrome extension. It works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other web browsers based on Chromium.

The Teleparty extension automatically synchronizes video playback of a movie or TV show episode that you choose to watch with your friends or family. You and everyone else can then have a real-time conversation in the chatroom about the movie or show. It works with not only Netflix but also Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

Setting up Teleparty is simple and straightforward, but you definitely should test it out yourself before throwing a Netflix party. The following guide will tell you how to watch Netflix together with friends.

Hosting Netflix party with Teleparty

If you are to host a Netflix party, the first thing you need to do is install the Teleparty Chrome extension in Google Chrome or any Chromium-based browser, for that matter. The Chrome Web Store will ask you to log into your Google account if you aren’t already. After that, click the Add to Chrome button again.

Upon installing the extension, follow the steps below to host a party with Teleparty.

  1. Go to and pick up the movie or show you prefer to watch with your group. You can head over to Hulu, Disney+, or HBO Max as well.
  2. After that, click the TP (Teleparty) logo on the right side of the browser’s address bar. In case you have other extensions installed, click the puzzle piece icon instead to expand the extensions menu.
  3. In the following window, tick the box next to “Only I have control” if you wish to be the only one with playback controls, then click Start the party.
  4. Now click the Copy URL button and share the Teleparty link with your friends. They can click the link to join the party and enjoy watching the movie or show you selected.

To end your Teleparty session, select the TP logo in the extensions and click Disconnect.

Joining Netflix party with Teleparty

If someone else hosts the Netflix party, here’s what you need to do to join it over Teleparty:

  1. Open the shared Teleparty URL in Google Chrome or a different Chromium web browser.
  2. You should get redirected to Netflix (or the streaming service chosen by the host), where you will need to log in with your credentials.

The synced video should start playing back in a few moments, with the Teleparty chatroom opened on the right. If you want to customize your profile, simply follow the steps.

  1. Click your default avatar in the upper-right corner of the Teleparty chatroom.
  2. Enter your Nickname in the field, then click the profile picture above to choose your avatar.
  3. Click the Save Changes button to save your new avatar and nickname.

You can now send messages to others at the party. To make the video fullscreen, you can always click the TP logo and hide the chatroom. To leave the party, click Disconnect in the Teleparty menu.


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