How to Get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky NEXT


No Man’s Sky Next is the latest update of the Game and it is now available on major gaming platform including Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The latest update brings visual improvements, multiplayer, base building, command freighters and much more.
Chromatic Metal is one of the new resources introduced in the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, which is required to get started on your base-building efforts.

Here is the process How to Get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky NEXT

To get Chromatic Metal you need to multiple resources and a portable refiner.  First, you need Oxygen and Metal Plating to craft the portable refiner, which can be craft anywhere on a planet.  After crafting portable refiner, you can then put Cadmium, Copper, Iridium, or Emeril into the Refiner. Once you have your metals inside, use any fuel to power up the refiner and you’ll get your Chromatic Metal in no time. Among them, Copper is a fairly common resource.
You can craft Chromatic Metal in a fresh game or an older save file both by following the steps above. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.
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