How Tech Can Make Your Life Simpler


From a distance, new developments in technology can seem challenging and complex – and yet so many digital, AI and technology-based inventions and resources are created for the specific purpose of making our lives easier. While it’s true that some newly developed technology can be overcomplicated or needlessly convoluted, many of these resources now available to the general public can make a huge difference to our quality of life. For a start, tech can enable certain processes to be undertaken remotely, or even automated. It can make things quicker and more secure, and can even reduce the amount of unnecessary effort that goes into our daily routines. This article introduces just some of the ways in which tech can make our lives easier.

Money Management

Keeping on top of your finances has never been easier than it is now. Online banking lets you view your accounts without leaving the house, and many devices offer biometric access – recognizing you via your fingerprint for total security. There are also apps that automatically transfer a percentage of your income – determined by you – to a savings account every month, and you can even download software that will keep track of your income and expenditure in real time for tax purposes. No more wrestling with receipts and forms.

Paperwork and Documentation

One of the best things about official documentation being handled electronically is the environmental benefit of less paper being wasted. What’s more, electronic documents tend to be easier to find in a hurry – all you need to do is to type in the right search terms. Managing paperwork digitally is quicker and cheaper than using the postal service too.


Thinking of retraining or furthering your education but don’t know how you’ll find time to commute to your place of study or attend lectures? Simply choose a course that is taught entirely online. Lecture slides and notes can be sent to you via email, as can links to educational resources online. You can study at any time of day or night, enabling you to fit in your other responsibilities. Everything – from applying for a private undergraduate or postgraduate student loan to receiving details of your final grade – can now be done digitally.


As our lives get busier, we are becoming less and less able to find time for a simple shopping trip. However, it is now possible to find and purchase almost any goods online, from clothing to furnishings and from insurance to groceries. You’ll also be able to find handy reviews of all of the products and services you’re thinking of buying, making it easier to choose.

Entertainment and Socializing

We have entered the age of streaming. On-demand digital entertainment will help you to figure out what to watch next, while you can enjoy your downtime playing console, PC or phone games alone or with multiple friends based anywhere in the world. Speaking of anywhere in the world, communication with far flung friends has got easier too with the growing popularity of conferencing apps. Accidentally losing touch with a special someone is now more difficult than ever.

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