How Mediacom exceeds Expectations with its Diverse Channel Lineups?


When it comes to breathing life into TV sets, Mediacom perfectly nails the game.. Whether you rarely watch TV or are an avid TV-buff, Mediacom cable TV plans are perfect for you. Mediacom offers three different channel lineups, each with a specific number of channels and costs that you’ll always find rather affordable.

Although all three lineups might be different from one another in terms of channels, there is one thing common in all of them that is Mediacom’s over-the-top features. Every lineup comes with the following features that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t choose Mediacom earlier:

Thousands of On Demand Titles

Whenever you’re not happy with what’s on TV, you can always head towards Mediacom’s On Demand choices. Mediacom offers a multitude of On Demand titles, including your favorite TV Shows and movies. So, whenever you’re bored, just grab your remote control and delve right into it.


Do your kids never let you watch your favorite TV shows in peace? You can always watch them later with TiVo® DVR on any device that you want. Simply record the TV show and save it for the time when your kids aren’t around.

TiVo® Search & Guide

Sifting through libraries with new options to watch is not a hassle anymore! Just enter a keyword, actor’s name, or title using the uber-intelligent TiVo® Search and Guide and it will find your favorite shows for you.

Xtream Voice Remote

Use your voice to tell your TV what to do! Xtream Voice Remote brings a televisual experience straight from the future. All you need to do is command your TV to play and pause your favorite TV shows,

Now that we’ve walked you through the features, let’s quickly run through the Mediacom channel lineup that you can subscribe to.

Local TV

This lineup is perfect for a family that’s small and not too big on TV. You get 50+ channels including local, sports, and entertainment ones, to help you beat boredom.

Essential TV

This lineup includes more than 125+ TV channels, anointed with the most diverse options ever. Stay in touch with what goes down in the realm of entertainment with AMC, TBS, Comedy Central, and more.

Variety TV

This lineup offers more than 170 TV channels for true and dedicated TV-aficionados out there. From sports to entertainment, with Mediacom Variety TV, your family will have a diverse range of channels breathing life into your TV sets all the time.

Hop on Mediacom TV for Maximized Entertainment

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy unprecedented entertainment with Mediacom cable TV and take your televisual experience up a notch with the best channels out there. You can subscribe to Mediacom TV with the Internet as a Double Play bundle. There are different Double Play variations TV + Internet, so be sure to go through all of them before finalizing the one that fits your needs.

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