Godzilla vs Kong Can Reveal A Hidden King Of The Monsters Titan


One of Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ most interesting new Titans was never shown onscreen, but that could be fixed in Godzilla vs. Kong.

One of Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ most interesting new Titans, Mokele-Mbembe, was hidden from sight in the movie, but he could be fully revealed in Godzilla vs. Kong. The 2019 MonsterVerse movie showed off four new original Titans (Behemoth, Methuselah, Scylla, and a third MUTO), and also confirmed the existence of 11 more monsters, one of which is Mokele-Mbembe.

The MonsterVerse draws heavily on Toho’s library of kaiju, but a large number of its Titans are actually brand new. According to King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty, using Toho monsters is quite expensive, which is why the film ended up making up its own creatures. It was said in the movie that Monarch had already become aware of 17 Titans on the planet, and that the number was continuing to go up. Four of them appeared in the movie after being awakened by Ghidorah, and then after the action concluded, they all became minions of the new alpha, Godzilla.

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A fifth Titan briefly popped up on a surveillance screen showing the inside of the Monarch outpost in Sudan. Obscured by a great deal of smoke was a Titan named Mokele-Mbembe, a creature based on the dinosaur that was the subject of alleged monster sightings near the Congo River in the 20th century. As for the MonsterVerse’s interpretation of him, all that could be gleaming from the screen was his name, as it was too hard to make out any distinguishing features. Also, there’s no official concept art of him, but the Godzilla: King of the Monsters novelization does paint a clear picture of his true appearance.


The book refers to him as an “earless elephant” with tusks turned down and a crocodile-like mouth that holds “thousands of teeth”. He walks on “five-clawed forelimbs” and has a long, curved horn on his head that glows with green energy. His two main weapons are his trunk and tail, with which he was able to cause much destruction in the Monarch outpost. Just by swinging his trunk like a wrecking ball, he could easily do significant damage to his surroundings. His tail, which functioned like a whip, was similarly dangerous.

The humans had no proper answer for Mokele-Mbembe, but it’s hard to say if his fellow Titans would share the same struggles. The novelization doesn’t answer this question, but a future movie could by officially revealing him and sending him into combat. Looking at the description offered by the book, it would be a shame if a Titan with a design as unique as Mokele-Mbembe’s never made a proper appearance in the MonsterVerse. The perfect chance to show him will come in Godzilla vs. Kong, which could potentially keep his look from the novelization. Using some of its unseen Titans does feel like it will be necessary, given that Godzilla vs. Kong is promising to deliver a “monster war”. The implication of that is that numerous Titans will be getting themselves involved in Godzilla and Kong’s fight, and among them could be King of the Monsters’ giant elephant monster.

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  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)Release date: May 21, 2021

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