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Garena Free Fire: A Weapon Guide For Beginners

Last year, we covered a beginner’s guide to playing Garena Free Fire. However, a lot of things have changed since then, mostly the weapon stats and combat mechanics.
Free Fire is really popular in a few Asian regions, and its ever-growing player base has already hit a staggering number. For the new and inexperienced players, the combat and shooting might be a bit overwhelming. Unlike last time when we discussed all the weapon stats and attachment types, this guide will cover only the best and most used weapons used by experienced Free Fire players.
Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that most of the weapons (pistols, rifles, snipers, heavy) in the game are reasonably balanced. Hence, it’s on you to choose what gun you will pick up. A few hours of spray, recoil control, and some competitive gameplay experience will make you familiar with the guns you prefer to use.

Leveling up in Free Fire

Most of our weapon analysis are based only on raw statistics, not skins. Despite Free Fire offering pay-to-win elements with expensive weapon skins (Dragon Fire AK skin comes with +2 damage and +2 rate of fire bonus), players should always prioritize skills before everything else. Also, it’s crucial for new players to try out all the 40+ weapons in the game, as weapon drops in the map are totally randomized.
Until you level up to 20 or 25, you should try out weapons with higher rates, along with short-range guns that deal a lot of damage and enough to kill other players in seconds. Once you rectify your mistakes through several trials and errors and learn to control the recoil pattern of each gun, you will be able to choose your preferred guns on your own. Getting into the final areas of every match is quite intense, given that players encounter 1v1 or 2v1 situations more often. It’s the best time to test your skills against other high-ranked enemies.
Once you get to the level 30 territory, you will be matchmaking against experienced and skilled players. Thus, you need to more careful before shooting your enemies with long-range guns and giving away your positions. Note that your gameplay will vary based on which in-game character you choose to use. Since this guide only focuses on weapons, we won’t go into too much detail.

Best long-range weapons in Free Fire

Here are some of the best long-range weapons you can use in Free Fire:



The SCAR is a powerful weapon in the game primarily because of its higher rate of fire. When paired with proper L3 attachments, it can inflict a great deal of damage. It’s quite useful in medium to long-range gunfights. Recoil is also easier to control, and it has better accuracy than most other guns in the game. Most players that reach the top 10 territories use SCAR as their primary weapon.



FAMAS is a worthy alternative to SCAR. It’s a lethal assault rifle that not only deals a fair amount of damage but also offers superior accuracy in long ranges. Its rate of fire is even higher than SCAR, and reload speed is also better. Spraying the gun in auto-mode isn’t the best idea, as tapping it in long ranges provide better accuracy and recoil control.



GROZA is undoubtedly the most balanced assault rifle in Free Fire. It inflicts more damage than SCAR and FAMAS, and its range is comparable to the AK. The fire rate of GROZA is lower than the first two long-range weapons we mentioned, but its lower recoil compensates for better accuracy. However, GROZA is spawned only with airdrops, making it difficult to obtain in intensive rounds of a match.

4. AK


Apart from having a very high recoil, AK can inflict a lot of damage if appropriately controlled. With the correct set of L3 attachments, it’s possible that you can outmatch every player on the map with ease. Its range is almost the same as Groza, but make sure that you don’t run out of ammo in close quarters. The reload speed of AK is really slow, so it’s always better to switch to the secondary weapon after firing it in close quarters.

5. Sniper Rifles


If you are a fan of long-range weapons, then the Kar98K, AWM, and M82B are your best options. All the SRs offer a range above 85, with the highest being 91 on AWM. Accuracy is also above 90 across all sniper rifles, but they suffer from lower fire rate and reload speed. You will also find a pre-equipped 8x scope on every sniper rifle.

Best short-range weapons in Free Fire

When you reach the final zone, it’s essential to have a short-range gun in your secondary weapon slot, due to the higher chances of close quarter combats. Below is a list of the best short-range weapons in Free Fire, which you should definitely check out.

1. P90


P90 is one of the best short-range SMGs in Free Fire because of not only its higher fire rate but also a larger clip size of no less than 50 rounds. It deals less damage compared to other SMGs, but entering a building with this weapon will give you a guaranteed squad wipe, assuming that your enemies fail to notice you.

2. UMP


UMP is the most balanced SMGs of the bunch, with its higher reload speed, fire rate, and movement speed. Despite its lower accuracy, its range is better than most other SMGs in the game. With a silencer and extended magazine, UMP can be a deadly secondary for close-range gunfights. The higher armor penetration can down enemies in seconds.

3. MP40


MP40’s fire rate is the highest in the game, but its unimpressively low accuracy makes it really difficult to use. Assuming that you can spray the entire magazine clip over your enemies, it can be extremely effective in shorter ranges. Other than a stock or a magazine, you can’t equip any other attachments with this gun.

Best pistols in Free Fire


Having a third weapon at your disposal is always a good idea. The M500 pistol comes with a pre-attached 2x scope, offering superior long-range capabilities than any other handguns in Free Fire. However, the magazine can only carry five rounds at a time, and its unscoped accuracy is unusable in close-range pistol fights.
USP and G18

If you run out of ammo in both first and secondary weapons in front of your enemies, then having a USP or G18 can save you from being eliminated from the match. Both share almost the same stats, except the fact that USP has faster reload speed, and it supports silencer and muzzle attachments.
Desert Eagle and Treatment Gun

The Desert Eagle is also an excellent choice for inflicting exceptional damage to your enemies. However, most players often prefer to use the Treatment Gun, as it can heal teammates in squad matches.

If you are trapped behind tight walls, then the M1873 can save you with its massive damage rate. However, the magazine can only hold two rounds, so you don’t get much ammo to spare.

Best melee weapons in Free Fire


Melee weapons are the least effective weapons in Free Fire, but it’s more of a trolling aspect of the combat. There are only four melee weapons, and Pan is the most iconic in all of them. You can down your enemies with two hits of the Pan, and it also works as armor for your hip when not equipped.

The Machete and Katana share the same stats, and it can also save you from bullets. However, its smaller surface area is less effective than the Pan in that regard.

The best throwable melee weapon in the game is the Grenade, which can be used to flush enemies out of their hiding spots.

Final words

This beginner’s guide to the best weapons in Garena Free Fire only covers the most used guns and melee weapons in the game. Although there are grenade launchers (M79, RGS50), shotguns (SPAS12, M1014), and light machine guns (M249, GATLING) found throughout the royale map; they are not as effective as assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and pistols.
While you are here, definitely check out our previous guide to play Garena Free Fire, which will tell you more about the gameplay elements.
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