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Best moveset for Heatran in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Raissa Jerez

Heatran’s typing makes it one tough Pokemon thanks to its many resistances. Whether you already captured this Legendary or are attempting to catch it upon its return to Pokemon Go Raid battles, here’s its best moveset, so you can exploit all its capabilities.

Pokemon Go has many Legendaries available to catch, however, only a few of them are as tough as Heatran, who has plenty of resistances but only a few weaknesses to take advantage of in the game.

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This Pokemon was first introduced to the franchise in Gen 4’s Sinnoh region with the 2007 games Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and made its Pokemon Go debut back in December 2018. Now it’s coming back to Raids during the many events happening this month.

From February 22, 2024, until February 23, 2024, Heatran will appear as a 5-Star Raid Boss and will return for more from February 26, 2024, until March 1, 2024.

More so, it will also be the center of two Raid Hours, one taking place on February 22, 2024, where it will feature the exclusive move Magma Storm, and another one on February 28, 2024, alongside fellow Cresselia.

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Heatran general stats in Pokemon Go

This dual Fire/Steel-type Pokemon has an attack-based stat spread of 251 (ATK), 213 (DEF), and 209 (STAT), and can reach a max CP value of 3754 in Pokemon Go, which can be boosted by Sonny or Snow weather.

Thanks to its strong type combination, Heatran is only vulnerable to Fighting and Water-type moves, while taking quadruple damage from Ground-type attacks. However, this Pokemon’s main attraction is all the resistances it has, which include Normal, Flying, Psychic, Dragon, Poison, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, and Fairy-moves.

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Best moveset for Heatran

The best moveset available for Heatran in Pokemon Go consists of Fire Spin as a Fast Move and Magma Storm as a Charged Move, with 17.02 damage per second and a formidable 603.3 total damage output before it faints.

Despite being a dual-type creature, Heatran’s best attacks are the Fire ones, with its signature move Magma Storm making it unstoppable. However, the only way to acquire this particular attack is by capturing a Heatran that already knows it during Raid Hour, so this is the perfect chance to do so.

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heatran pokemon

All moves Heatran can learn

This strong ‘mon has two Fast Moves and six Charged Moves available in its pool, which range from Fire to Steel to even Rock, Ground, and even Bug-type.

Heatran Fast Moves

  • Bug Bite (Bug)
  • Fire Spin (Fire/STAB)

Heatran Charged Moves

  • Stone Edge (Rock)
  • Iron Head (Steel/STAB)
  • Fire Blast (Fire/STAB)
  • Flamethrower (Fire/STAB)
  • Earth Power (Ground)
  • Magma Storm (Fire/STAB/Legacy)

Is Heatran any good in Pokemon Go?

The Legendary Heatran is a good option for any type of battle due to its many resistances, and how high its total damage output is.

This ‘mon can’t fight in the Great League because of its high CP, and has poor performance in the Ultra League, falling behind same-type champions like Registeel. However, with its signature Magma Storm move, its 10 resistances, and solid stats, it’s a magnificent choice for Master League, given that it can stand strong against Lugia, Dialga, Togekiss, and more.

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