Out with the old, in with the new. Google is streamlining its music platforms by replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music.

Google sent an email to users on Friday reminding them that between October and the end of this year, access to Google Play Music would be removed permanently.

The lockout will be rolling out through a staged approach for different users, Google confirmed to USA TODAY but couldn’t expand on specific dates.

“We know that you’ve spent time building your Google Play Music library, so we’ve made it easy to transfer your music library to YouTube Music with just one click, including playlists, uploads, and recommendations,” the email read.

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For users of Google Play Music, their current library can be transferred over to YouTube Music while uploading and downloading through Music Manager will end in the next 30 days.

Likewise, the Music store on Google Play will go away in 30 days. Google said it won’t be possible to purchase music on Google Play and all pre-orders will be canceled, but once users switch to YouTube Music those would be transferred there.

YouTube Music offers more than 65 million official songs, albums and playlists with an interface similar to that of Spotify.

Early adopters have voiced their concerns over how YouTube Music treats uploaded content in their libraries, since they experienced issues casting uploaded songs to speakers on the free plan.

“We understand that uploaded content is an integral part of the listening experience for many of our users across YouTube Music,” Google said in a statement. “While several features for uploaded content aren’t currently working in the free YouTube Music experience, we’re working hard to address these feature gaps and bring additional functionality to our free tier user. We look forward to sharing more updates soon.”

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