Your favorite iPhone and iPad apps will run on future MacBooks


Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event just aired, introducing the Cupertino company’s new M1 chip, that will be powering future ARM MacBooks. The M1 chip is to deliver a much better performance and improve the laptops’ battery life significantly, but there’s something else that makes it interesting.

Apple’s own Senior Vice President Deirdre O’Brien took the stage to announce the following:

Of course, it falls on app developers to optimize their apps for the iPhone, iPad and now the M1-powered MacBooks. But the concept is that, for example, you will be able to use the iOS YouTube app on your MacBook, or Photoshop for iOS, Instagram and many other mobile apps and games.

We’re yet to know whether all iPad and iPhone apps will be immediately available to the new MacBooks, which include a new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Those are already on sale as of today. Before, Apple used chips based on Intel Core technology to power its MacBooks.





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