Xbox Series X Temperature Tested With Thermal Imaging Cameras 


Through the use of thermal imaging cameras, Windows Central had a look at how hot the console gets.

Electricity is a fine thing, but it’s also a thing that causes electrical components to generate heat, which is why everything electrical will more than likely have vents so that heat can escape. In video game consoles and PCs, fans help push that heat out of the unit. However, with the next-generation consoles on the way next month, some reports from those who got hands-on raised concerns about the heat coming from the Xbox Series X.

Windows Central decided to actually check out how hot the Xbox Series X is by using a thermal imaging camera to see not only the temperature of the console but where gets the hottest. One test saw Monster Hunter World running in resolution mode, running around 1800p resolution, hitting FPS of around “mid-50s”. However, when checking the temperatures, the console didn’t exceed 35C (95F).

When in standby mode, Windows Central also reports that the console was running at around 25C (77F). This is all relative to external factors as the testing is being done in the UK, which at the moment is pretty damn cold — the room the console was tested in for Windows Central was around 18C (64.4F).

An Xbox One X was also tested, running Monster Hunter World in resolution mode, and saw the console hitting 56C (133F). A PS4 (Base model) was also tested and running Bloodbourne, and saw up to 60C (140F). Windows Central also tested the Razer Blade 17 Pro which ran far hotter than the Xbox Series X, but it was running World of Warcraft on ultra settings with ray tracing.

Personally, I’ve not been too bothered about the concerns surrounding the heat coming out of the consoles as it makes sense. A more graphically demanding game will generate more heat, but that’s why fans are there. Sure, there’s the concern the extreme heat would damage the components, but from the thermal images from Windows Central, I feel fairly confident the next-generation of consoles knows how to disperse that heat.

The Xbox Series X is due to launch on November 10, 2020, with the PS5 coming shortly after on November 12, 2020. What are your thoughts on the heat scenario? Are you more so looking forward to seeing how next-generation games run the console’s heat? Is the above enough? Let us know in the comments.

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