Xbox App Upcoming Update Bringing Custom Gamerpics and Game Library


The update may be heading to iOS soon.

If you received an Xbox Series X / S console last week, you’ll have no doubt been instructed to download the mobile phone application to help with setting the console up. Now, those with access to the beta testing of the iOS version of the app appear to be trying out some new features that could be heading to the app soon.

The current state of the app allows you to see what games are popular, your friend’s activity, friends list, chats, browse your captures on Xbox Live, manage you console (a bit), and nose through some parts of your profile. Tom Warren yesterday shared some images of the changes that are coming to the app.

When the update lands, you should be able to now browse your games library, complete with filters and sorting orders. And you’ll no doubt be able to choose to install them providing your console is set up to remotely install games. You’ll also be able to manage your message requests and create group chats. Another new feature will find you being able to set a custom gamer picture by using images from your phone’s media library or choosing from the preset library. The update will also address some known bugs and issues users have reported.

There still seems to be some features missing, such as being able to view achievements. Also, while users can use the search function to find games, I think having a more intuitive store would work well in the app for improved discoverability. Additionally, maybe somehow merging the Xbox Game Pass app would work wonders in the same way.

If you’re wondering what we thought about the Xbox Series X, you can read our review here, we also have a review on the Series S on the way so stay tuned for when that lands. The update seems to be in the works for iOS at the moment, but I imagine an Android update will launch around the same time.




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