WoW: Shadowlands’ pre-patch is out later this month


October 1, 2020 You can get your hands on WoW: Shadowlands’ pre-patch October 13.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been delayed, sadly, but we did find out when the pre-patch would be dropping in return – so that’s something. It’s just under two weeks away, too, so it won’t be long. We have a pretty good idea what the pre-patch brings as Blizzard has been testing it on the PTR. You can also catch all the details on Blizzard’s blog, but we’ll go through the main things you need to know.

One of the handier explainers they provide is a table detailing how the level squish will affect you. If you’ve been out of the loop, the pre-patch will balance levels, items, and stats against what’s to come in Shadowlands to make chasing new gear more meaningful. If your character is level 120 right now, they’ll be level 50 after the update, for example. Click the link below to catch the full table. There were some teething issues with the level squish when it was on the PTR as people couldn’t solo Legion content anymore. That wasn’t by design, though, and things should be working as intended by the time the pre-patch is out.

Blizzard has also explained that it’s retiring the appearance change service due to several changes it is making. When the pre-patch rolls around, you’ll be able to hop to the barber shop to change your character’s gender, hair, facial features, and so on. As such, the appearance change service is getting the old heave-ho from the Blizzard shop.

Blizzard also spoke about its new player experience Exile’s Reach. The pitch is simple, you’re taken to a faraway island to learn the fundamentals of playing World of Warcraft as your chosen class. Heather had a go at it and came away with thoughts about how the new player experience shows us what World of Warcraft 2 could’ve been.

WoW: Shadowlands release date isn’t too far away now, but there’s still some things you should to prepare outside of the pre-patch. We’ve whipped up a WoW: Shadowlands changes guide to help you do just that.

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