World of Warcraft recreated in Unreal Engine 4


Blizzard is adding the much-awaited update to the popular World of Warcraft game. We have seen a number of expansions by Blizzard by improving the game’s graphics. However, the game still lacks a lot of things which are currently available on many games. But here’s something new for the fanboys of the World of Warcraft and i.e. Unreal Engine 4.

A series of new videos of the World of Warcraft game has surfaced online and the game’s moddler Daniel L has released these videos to give us glimpses of what could be the improvements in the gameplay.

We have heard a lot about this game and its improvement. In fact, the developers’ team have been working with the Unreal Engine 4 to bring some innovations to the game. And now, we have the actual glimpses of the future of this game, World of Warcraft.

The newly released videos of the game are all about exploring new areas of Westfall, Durotar, Duskwood and more. Since 2015, Daniel has been working on this game and after four years of hard work and dedication, they have managed to makeover the game completely.

Here we have enlisted all the videos released by Daniel L to show off how they have managed to makeover this game and what you will receive in the coming days on this game. Check out the videos for yourself now!


The new areas of the game look like real ones and they will definitely make the gameplay more intense. The Art design and a lot of things have been changed in the game with this new update. And it seems like Blizzard is a little hurry to come up with this new mega update of the game.

Instead of working with a team, Daniel has accomplished the task on his own with impressive graphics and new areas.

If we go by the part, Blizzard was working on a sequel edition to this game a few years ago. However, the plan was not succeeded and they had to cancel it. However, they have been upgrading this game by adding new features and graphics which is why people are still sticking to the game.

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