WordPress on Phone: Easy Ways to Make WordPress Mobile-Friendly


More people access the internet via mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – than on the desktop. This has necessitated the need for developers and site managers to optimize their website content and design for these devices.

Google, the leading search engine, uses their Mobile First Indexing algorithm to reward people who follow this trend by ranking their mobile-friendly websites higher and in so doing, punishes those who refuse to make their sites mobile friendly.

Since a significant number of websites are based on WordPress, we shall discuss how you can make your website mobile-friendly to boost your digital marketing efforts.

There are three main rules at play for a WordPress site to be mobile-responsive:

  1. The theme should resize the web pages to fit the device your visitor is using
  2. You can have different versions of your website suited to different devices.
  3. The website should load quickly on all devices

To achieve that, here are four easy ways to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly:

Disable Pop-ups on Mobile Devices

Pop-ups are a popular CTA tool. However, they do not augur well with mobile devices. In fact, Google detests intrusive material (e.g. popups) that covers up the content that visitors came to see on your site. It is also an annoyance to the visitors. The best thing you can do is disable them completely for mobile devices.

Use Responsive Media

Online marketers are big fans of media. However, as much as you love good quality images and videos on your PC, they could be your detrimental to the mobile user’s experience because sometimes they don’t scale well and take a lot of time to load.

There are a few ways to ensure that the media on your site works for you instead of against you:

  • Use images and videos that scale better on mobile
  • Hide some of the media when the site opens on a mobile device
  • Use media that is not too heavy memory-wise.

These three measures will ensure that the site loads quickly and that the user ends up with an amazing experience. As a bonus, shaving off some of that load time will increase loading speeds on the desktop as well.

Use Mobile-Responsive WordPress Themes

One key benefit of owning a WordPress-based website is the availability of a wide array of themes for different tastes and businesses. Before you buy a theme, ensure that it responds well on mobile.

Here are some quick measures to take to streamline your website:

  • Update your current theme to its latest version (if yours is outdated)
  • Find a new mobile-friendly theme
  • Create your own responsive theme from scratch

Going back to the point about availability, most themes available nowadays for free or to buy are responsive and are designed to suit different businesses. Photographers, doctors, realtors, lawyers, and other firms can conveniently make their websites mobile-friendly by buying a bespoke theme for their businesses. For instance, realtors can find themselves a good theme from this article where they list some great real estate themes for WordPress.

Use a Responsive Plugin

Lastly, you can opt for a better plugin that makes it easier for content to scale down on smaller screens. To find one that works, try out the demo version on multiple mobile devices. A good plugin will save you the trouble of having to redesign your website.

Making your site responsive on mobile devices is not all about SEO; user experience is also an important factor. Since more people are using mobile devices to visit websites these days, do not be left behind. Make search engines and your visitors happy by adopting the above-mentioned measures and you will be rewarded with high conversion rates.

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