Wolverine Leads Very, VERY Different Alpha Flight in New Teaser


A new teaser for Marvel’s upcoming Heroes Reborn features Wolverine leading a new version of Alpha Flight, continuing the mashups of previous teasers.

Marvel has released a new teaser for its 2021 Heroes Reborn initiative, which features Wolverine alongside a very different version of Alpha Flight.

The members of this Alpha Flight include a version of Sasquatch, who has demonic horns, and a version of Aurora with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Rounding out the cast is Shaman, who wears a cloak similar to Doctor Strange’s, and a heavily armored version of the Guardian. Wolverine himself has metallic adornments on his arms, as well as a tank top that has the same design as his classic yellow and blue costume.

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Alpha Flight is the premier superhero team of Canada, formed by Department H — the same branch of government that Wolverine once worked for. When Wolverine left Department H to join the X-Men, Alpha Flight tracked him down and intended to bring him back. The team has been through several versions, including the Beta Flight and Gamma Flight offshoots and the short-lived Omega Flight. Alpha Flight’s recent incarnation has served as an intergalactic defense system under the guidance of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

The Heroes Reborn initiative has featured teasers that merge together heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe, including a fusion of Doctor Doom and the Juggernaut. The original storyline, which debuted in 1996, saw Marvel outsourcing its production to several outside studios including Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Production and Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios in order to present a new take on its heroes.

Teaser artwork is by Carlos Pacheco, inks by Rafael Fontirez and colors by Matt Milla.

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