‘Wolf Pack’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Mother Knows Best


Wolf Pack, Paramount’s new werewolf drama from Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis (though set in an entirely new universe), begins in a California town ravaged by wildfires. As the fire blazes, engulfing more of the land, animals are driven out of their homes and into the town limits. With said animals comes a nefarious werewolf with an unquenchable taste for humans, killing at least one resident per night. Teenagers Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard) are bitten and turned into fellow werewolves, coming together with longtime and unskilled werewolves Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) and Luna Briggs (Chloe Rose Robertson) to create a pack. As their relationships and werewolf abilities develop, they must also face the growing threat of the werewolf, which has become something much darker and deadlier than a normal wolf. All the while, something wicked is building in the shadows.


In the penultimate episode of the first season, it’s finally revealed Kristin Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a wolf. Having lost her son in the wildfire years prior, she killed the firefighters presumably responsible for his death, who we learned about earlier as the group included Harlan’s boyfriend’s father. Still, her exact motivations and role in everything going on remain a mystery. She teeters on the line between villain and anti-hero every few seconds. When Blake’s brother Danny (Nevada Jose) said he recognized Kristin from the parking garage, Blake shrugged him off and didn’t listen. Plus, after the teens tricked Baron (Chase Liefield) and trapped him in a freezer so his body would revert to his human form, killing the wolf within, the episode ends with Austin (Rio Mangini) stabbing an unconscious Baron in the chest with a silver-coated dagger. The real story is only beginning as we head into this season finale, so let’s break it down.

What to Do About Baron in the ‘Wolf Pack’ Season 1 Finale

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After his should-be fatal wound, Baron’s connection to the rest of his pack is showcased as the finale begins. He bounces through vital memories of the core four, taking their places in said memories. The first is of Everett being drugged while committed in the hospital, and Kristin and Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) standing in for his parents as they sit by and encourage the doctors to move forward. Then, Baron fills in for Blake as he sits with Danny in the backseat as her parents, once again filled in with Kristin and Garrett, fight in the car and get into an accident. Baron then steps in for Harlan, eavesdropping on Garrett talking with Prisha (Hollie Bahar) about Luna killing her horse and the steps they must take to be ready in case Luna and Harlan’s werewolf tendencies take over, and they need to be stopped. Finally, Baron is back as the wolf in an old memory of Harlan’s that we saw earlier in the season, where a young Harlan saw the mysterious werewolf in the woods. But, was that Baron’s memory or someone else’s?

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Back in the real world, the core four are in shock after what Austin did, though Austin is nowhere to be seen. They bring Baron back to Everett’s home, putting him in Everett’s bed as they consider how to move forward. As they see it, there are two options: Let him die from the silver in his blood or figure out how to save him. While Luna and Harlan are set on saving their brother, Everett and Blake are split when it comes out that Baron dying would take away their werewolf abilities. While Everett is enjoying his new anxiety-free life, Blake has wanted all season for things to go back to normal, leaving Everett on the twins’ side and Blake out in the cold. Still, they stay together and consider how to move forward, keeping Garrett and everyone else in the dark about where Baron is, even after the bloody scene at the freezer is discovered. Then, the many victims of the wolf are discovered, changing everything about how Kristin and Garrett are going to proceed. Can they trust one another?

The next day, Blake returns to Everett’s where Baron remains unconscious with Danny by her side. But, when she tries to bring Danny into Everett’s bedroom, he begins to react to seeing and recognizing Baron. Suddenly, it begins to make sense, as Danny confesses he knows Baron from the parking garage and Blake finally listens to Danny recounting his interaction with Kristin that night. He explains that Kristin had Danny shake his hand, nothing more, and this brings back memories for Everett and Blake as they remember moments when Kristin did something similar with them. They begin to piece together the truth, acknowledging the handshakes as Kristin’s way of marking them as non-threats for Baron. Thus, they discover a connection between Kristin and Baron, though they do not quite know what said connection is or how it plays into what’s happening.

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Meanwhile, Garrett takes Harlan and Luna to the police station as Kristin wants to question them about the wildfire. With Cyrus (Zack Nelson) in custody, Kristin grants Harlan five minutes to speak with his boyfriend, but Harlan is hesitant. He thinks Kristin has bugged the office, trying to get Cyrus to reveal any criminal behavior and crucify himself. Kristin assures him this isn’t the case, but suggests he use the white noise machine to drown out their voices. While Luna waits outside, Harlan enters Kristin’s office and immediately turns on the white noise machine, causing Luna to be able to hear everything they’re saying — just like they could when the four of them were being questioned at the beginning of the season. Harlan and Cyrus converse, where Cyrus confesses to setting a fire when he was nine, but he explains that it was curiosity over his father’s death and he did not set the fire that rages on today. Outside, Luna listens in while watching Kristen, unsure if Kristin is able to hear (as Harlan and Luna left before the others pieced together their information about her). However, when Kristin breaks up the conversation, she gives Luna a knowing and devious look as she turns off the white noise machine. After the police station, the twins decide to tell their father about Baron. Garrett arrives at Everett’s, immediately taking action and bringing Baron to the hospital, but Baron’s fate remains up in the air. How can they extract the silver from Baron’s bloodstream without revealing who he is?

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The three in favor of staying werewolves accompany Garrett and Baron, while Blake remains at Everett’s home to watch over her brother. Shortly thereafter, Kristin arrives with Child Protective Services and Blake’s father Roberto (James Martinez). Roberto tells Blake that she and her brother will be temporarily taken by CPS, but due to her brother’s autism spectrum disorder, they will be separated. Heartbroken with nowhere to turn, Kristin finally has a real conversation with Blake, knowingly implying they are on the same page about everything. Kristin suggests that turning Danny into a werewolf would turn Danny into a “normal” child and that, despite what Blake knows she should feel, Kristin knows this is what Blake wants for her brother. Whether that will come to fruition, or what exactly will happen to Blake now, remains up in the air.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Garrett takes Baron in alone and tells the teens to stay in the car. Everett doesn’t listen, immediately following him in. Harlan agrees with Everett, but pauses as he leaves the truck because Luna isn’t moving. Despite her earlier faith in the pack and what it means going forward, Luna has lost this belief — the hope of finding a place she belongs with people like her — and decides to stay in the truck. Harlan leaves her there, going inside and finding Everett. Everett isn’t allowed to go back to see Baron, but Harlan is because of his father, so the boys split up. On his way through the hospital, Harlan runs into Cody (Rainer Dawn) with a backpack full of drugs. Cody admits his father works in the hospital and allows him to take the drugs, which gives him pause. Harlan asks Cody what his last name is, and his answer gives Harlan quite the surprise. The former firefighter that was present when Cyrus’ father died, Malcolm (Gideon Emery), is Cody’s father.

After splitting up, Everett remains in the waiting room and sinks down against the wall. But, his rest time is cut short when his father David (John L. Adams) arrives with hospital staff at his side. After their conversation in a previous episode about Everett not taking his medication — which we know is due to his anxiety not flaring up since his werewolf abilities took hold — and Everett’s confrontation with his mother Kendra (Amy Pietz) about her not treating him right, Everett’s parents have decided to have him committed in the hospital for 72 hours. The last we see of Everett is him begging his father not to do this as the hospital staff attempt to grab him, though Everett surprisingly does not lash out or try to escape. Shortly after, Harlan returns to the waiting room to find Everett, but he’s already gone. However, police officer Jason Jang (Lanny Joon) arrives and arrests Harlan for the murder of Officer Trent Miller (John Patrick Jordan), who the wolf murdered earlier in the season after he ruthlessly harassed Harlan.

The Truth About Kristin Ramsey

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When Baron goes missing at the hospital, after we see Malcolm rolling him out in a wheelchair, a clue is left behind for Kristin. This clue points her to the abandoned firehouse where Malcolm used to work, as he wants revenge for what she did in the forest to his comrades nearly two decades ago. He knows Baron is her son, making him the perfect leverage. When Kristin arrives, Malcolm begins to shoot at her with silver bullets. However, Garrett also shows up, and Kristin manages to shoot Malcolm in the leg. As Malcolm and Kristin go after one another, Garrett recues Baron. Malcolm and Kristin go head-to-head, but he’s no match for her werewolf abilities. As she is about to kill him, Garrett stops her and says they need him alive. However, Garrett has questions for Kristin after what he’s witnessed and what he overheard.

Kristin finally reveals the truth, which is that she is Harlan, Luna, and Baron’s mother. She is a werewolf. Like the others have one special ability, Baron has the ability to turn others into werewolves, which she used to manipulate things. She knew to save Baron that he needed a pack, so she had him turn Everett and Blake. Then, she showcases her own ability and heals Baron’s wound, returning him to perfect health. Kristin then confesses to her plan, which is to turn even more people into wolves and expand the pack, as she suggested to Blake earlier regarding Danny. But, first, she has another person in mind: Garrett. He’s been an amazing father to her children, but would be the perfect father that Harlan has always wanted if he were a werewolf. As Baron prepares to bite him and begin the process, the episode fades to black.

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