10 Tips to Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the best battle royale games in the world right now. Players have to scavenge, collect as many weapons and utilities as possible, kill the enemies and secure victory as the sole survivor. Most of the games can last up to 30 minutes, and the last survivor gets a reward: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

Never before has a chicken dinner been so important in a video game. We all want it, some of us have obtained it, more than once on some occasions. But some are still chasing, hoping that one day, it will be their turn to secure a chicken dinner.

Now if you are relatively new to the game, getting your hands on a chicken dinner is not an easy task. The learning curve is easy, but difficult to master. So, if you have just begun playing PUBG on your PC or Mobile, we have a guide for you to secure your first win in PUBG and get winner winner chicken dinner.

Getting Started to Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Before you jump into a game, there are a couple of settings you need to tweak and adjust in order to squeeze every bit of performance from your PC and Mobile and make it easier to score kills.

1. Adjust Graphics Quality

Adjust the graphics quality according to your device’s capabilities. PUBG Mobile does this automatically when you first launch the game, but if you experience lag or FPS drops, you can try to lower it further. Though for Mobile devices, a higher graphics quality setting will definitely make it easier to spot enemies in distance, but you need a high-end smartphone with a powerful chipset. If you are trying to play PUBG Mobile on a cheap or old smartphone, lower the graphics quality and opt for a higher FPS instead.

On the other hand, if you are playing on PC, we recommend you to change your settings for decent framerates, according to this list below:

Option Recommended Setting
Window Mode Fullscreen (Windowed)
Display Resolution Native Monitor Resolution
Camera FOV 103
Brightness 50-70
Overall Quality Custom
Screen Scale 100
Anti-Aliasing Very Low
Post-Processing Very Low / Low
Shadows Very Low / Low
Textures Medium – Ultra
Effects Very Low
Foliage Very Low
View Distance Medium – Ultra
V-Sync Off
Motion Blur Off

Now some of the settings such as Shadows, Textures, Display Resolution purely depends on your PC specifications. We recommend 16GB of RAM to play this game smoothly. If you have a Graphics Card with VRAM less than 2GB, decrease Textures Quality and Shadow Quality. If you want more FPS you can drop the resolution down to your preferred choice. Same goes for Camera FOV. If you are used to playing matches in FPP (first-person perspective), you can increase it to widen the view on the screen.

2. Select TPP or FPP

On both PC and Mobile, you can choose between third-person view (TPP) and first-person view (FPP). On Mobile, TPP helps you see more. But on PC, if you are used to playing FPS games like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, then there’s no reason not to select FPP.

3. Turn on Peek and Fire

On Mobile, open the Settings menu, then go to Basic. Here, turn ‘Peek & Fire’ on. It allows you to peek while maintaining your cover, and take shots without exposing too much of yourself. Though you’ll still expose your head, so be cautious to take cover in time.

On PC, you can press Q to peek left and E to peek right. You don’t have to enable anything.

4. Turn on Aim Assist

On Mobile, make sure you have ‘Aim Assist’ enabled as it is quite difficult to aim with a touchscreen. This will help you to snap your target on enemies quicker and also help in close-quarter fights.

On PC, there’s no aim assistance as it is purely dependent on your mouse movement skills.

5. Adjust your controls

If you are on Mobile, Head over to Settings –> Controls –> Customize. Here you can adjust the position and size of on-screen buttons according to your needs. Making your fire buttons a little larger can potentially help you hit your shots.

On PC, you can change your keybinds in the settings for everything you do in-game. If you have side buttons on your mouse, bind it to toggle your fire mode on guns, or to use medicines.

Basics to Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

1. The Drop

It doesn’t matter which platform you are playing PUBG on, as soon as the game begins, players need to select their drop location where they will land and fight the battle. Choosing the perfect landing spot matters a lot. Just because 100 players play the game at once, you should be among the early landers in a particular location and survive longer than the others. Keep an eye on the landing parachutes as it will help you decide the landing location.

If you are playing squad, you can mark anywhere on the map to inform your teammates about the dropping location before jumping off the plane. On Mobile, you can do it by opening the minimap and touch anywhere to mark. On PC, press M to expand the map, and left-click on the preferred drop spot to inform your teammates.

2. Looting

If you are playing on the Erangel map, the best loot drops are found in Pochinki, School, Sosnovka Military Base and Mylta Power. But be careful as these are hot drops and most of the players land at the same place for good loot. You can also drop in Mansion, Prison or Shelter if you are trying to avoid enemies and still want some decent loot.

For Miramar, the best loot drops are found in Hacienda del Patron, Pecado. If you want to avoid enemies, then you can land in Impala, Minas Generales, or Los Leones.

In Sanhok, you can get decent drops everywhere as the map is way smaller than Erangel and Miramar. But still, if you want to take the risk for rare drops, you can land in Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, Camp Alpha, Ruins.

You can also get random drops in-game called airdrop, which can contain rare guns such as M249, Groza, AUG, AWM. It sometimes also contain Level.3 Military Vest and Helmet.

3. Gear

Always make sure you have a combination of guns for long distances and close range. If you find yourself in a position with two AKMs for instance, make sure one is on autofire with a red dot sight and the other on single fire mode with a 4x scope. But if you find a Kar98k, M24 or even AWM, use a 6x or 8x scope. And keep enough ammo for your guns. If you are low on ammo, you can always pick up ammo from the stash of dead enemies.

In order to survive, you will require medicines, a lot of them. When you land, always pick up bandages for small wounds, first aid kits for emergency low health situations, or a medkit for full health recovery. Energy drinks and Painkillers also increase your health points slowly.

Melee weapons are also available in PUBG. The pan is one of the best melee weapons found in the game as it also works as armor and bullets bounce off the pan surface.

There are 4 types of throwables in the game: Flashbang, Molotov, Frag Grenade and Smoke Grenade. Collect them according to your needs.

To protect yourself, always search for Level.3 Vest and Helmet. It helps you from getting instantly killed. If you have a lower-tier set of armor, you should always pick up the higher tier armor for the best protection possible.

For clothing, avoid puffer jackets and coats. In-game, these do look cool but you can easily get spotted by enemies.

Backpacks are really important for picking up items without running out of storage. Always search for Level.2 or 3 backpacks to maximize your storage space.

4. The Circle and Red Zone

The playzone in the map gets smaller and smaller as time passes by. Try to keep up the pace with the circle on the map which indicates the playzone. If you can’t reach the playzone in time, your health points will decrease slowly. There are vehicles which spawn throughout the entire map, which you can drive to reach the playzone faster.

The map gets frequently marked red in random regions called the red zones. If you find yourself inside one, you should get out quickly or random airstrikes will most likely kill you. You can also get inside a building to protect yourself from the airstrikes.

5. Teamwork

If you are playing in a group or team, you need to ensure full communication with your teammates. Use a microphone to give callouts of enemy positions. Divide your tasks accordingly and try to eliminate enemies early. The basic objective is to stick together as the playzone gets smaller. Be together and keep moving to survive till the last.

The Top 20

When you make it this far, things start to get a bit tense. The circle is usually pretty small, and making mistakes will send you back to lobby.

The final few circles are intense. Using 2-3 energy drinks or painkillers will max out your health and energy points, while also giving you a speed boost for running. If you are near tall grasses, prone down and crawl to hide yourself from getting spotted by enemies. But remember, your backpack will still stick out so change your position frequently.

If you have a 4x, 6x or 8x scope, stay on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is nearest to the white circle outline (The next playzone). This will give you a complete view of the playzone, while decreasing the chances that a player might be sneaking on you from behind.

If you spot someone and they haven’t spotted you, take the shot only if you are confident enough to guarantee his death, otherwise, you’ll give away your position. If you have a rifle, aim for the head and shoot in bursts. But if you have a sniper, a single shot or two in the head is enough to kill an enemy.

Top 10

This is where you use all of your senses. As the circle is no more than 30-100 meters wide, keep looking at all the angles you can cover. Use the remaining energy drinks and painkillers so you are always ready. Make sure every gun is reloaded and on auto firing mode. Switch any scopes with sights for close-quarter combat. If you have a Frag grenade or Molotov, throw it in tight places such as houses. Take cues from the gunshots to locate your final targets. Take out enemies nearby if possible, but don’t leave yourself open to anyone else. If only two other people are left alive, stay hidden and let them fight it out, and then kill the one remaining player to get your first winner winner chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile or PC.

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