Will Harrison Ford Voice Indiana Jones In Bethesda’s Video Game?


Will Harrison Ford portray the swashbuckling archaeologist in the upcoming MachineGames title? Based on past Indiana Jones games, it’s unlikely.

On January 11, video game publisher Bethesda Softworks announced developer MachineGames is working on a new Indiana Jones video game. Much is unknown about the upcoming title from the creators of the recent Wolfenstein reboot, including whether Harrison Ford will voice Indiana Jones in-game. Looking at the actor’s previous voice acting career, however, it doesn’t seem likely.

In a short Bethesda teaser video for the Indiana Jones game, the camera slowly sweeps across Indy’s desk, covered in books, diagrams of artifacts, and other Easter eggs that hint at when the game might take place and what it might be about. In light of Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, it’s possible the Indiana Jones game will be an Xbox and PC exclusive title, but it could also come to other platforms. No release window has been announced.

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Bethesda’s announcement included the fact that the game will star Indy at “the prime of his career,” which can only mean using Ford’s likeness. But will the actor be voicing Indiana Jones, as well? So far, Bethesda and MachineGames have not commented on Ford’s involvement. Based on previous Indiana Jones video games, it doesn’t look likely that he will be voicing the iconic character.

Why Harrison Ford Probably Won’t Voice Indiana Jones In-Game

To date, Harrison Ford has done only one video game role among three total voiceover roles in his acting career, according to Behind The Voice Actors. He voiced Han Solo in both 1978’s The Star Wars Holiday Special and 2016’s Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but the latter, his only game credit, is a technicality. Lego The Force Awakens simply reused audio from the movie, so Ford never actually recorded anything new for it. Ford’s only other voiceover role came via Rooster, an animated dog in 2019’s The Secret Life of Pets 2. If Ford does voice Indy in the game, it would be a career first.

Of all the video games in the Indiana Jones franchise, only three have featured a fully voiced Indiana Jones. Each time, the character was played by a different voice actor: John Armstrong in Staff of Kings, David Esch in 2003’s Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb, and Doug Lee in 1999’s Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Even if Ford were to voice the character for the first time, it would likely sound odd. In Bethesda’s teaser trailer, a plane ticket stub indicates the game may be set in the year 1937, when Indiana Jones would be 38 years old, but Ford is currently 78. If Ford does not return to the role, MachineGames will likely cast a well-known voiceover actor or a sound-alike.

Those who do wish to see Ford portray Indiana Jones one last time will get their chance, as he is currently confirmed to star in Indiana Jones 5, the final chapter of the film franchise, which will debut in 2022. As for the video game, Bethesda has said it will be “some time” before more news is announced, including a potential release window, platforms, and plot and gameplay details. But since fans have already been waiting 11 years for another Indiana Jones video game, that’s not much longer.

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Source: Behind The Voice Actors

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