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Jon Benjamin Has A Van is a cult comedy series starring the title comedian, but here’s why it didn’t make it to a second season.

Here’s why cult comedy Jon Benjamin Has A Van didn’t make it to season 2. While some viewers may not necessarily recognize H. Jon Benjamin from a picture, they’ll almost certainly know his voice. Benjamin has become one of the distinct voice actors in the business, starting with a role on Comedy Central’s Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. H Jon Benjamin voices the title characters on spy comedy Archer and Bob’s Burgers, with both roles helping cement his stardom.

H. Jon Benjamin has shown up in plenty of live-action movies and TV shows too, including 22 Jump Street. There aren’t, however, a lot of H Jon Benjamin TV shows where he’s actually the lead, which is what makes Jon Benjamin Has a Van all the more special. The show was an ahead of its time comedy co-created by Benjamin, who played a version of himself cruising around in a dingy van reporting on the news. In this case, the stories he and his news team reports on aren’t terribly interesting, and they often get into bizarre misadventures. It also featured copious cameos from the likes of Bob Odenkirk and Patton Oswalt.

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Jon Benjamin Has A Van only lasted one season and is considered something of a precursor to other reality blurring comedy shows like Nathan For You. The latter comparison feels especially apt, considering Fielder himself is part of the show’s cast. The first season was a low-budget affair that was put together quickly, but it’s partly thanks to this scrappiness that made it work. Sadly, Benjamin didn’t get a chance to refine the show’s formula, as Jon Benjamin Has A Van season 2 was later canceled by Comedy Central.

jon benjamin has a van tv show

In subsequent interviews, Benjamin seemed to hint Comedy Central didn’t quite get Jon Benjamin Has A Van, and while its weirdness would probably draw more of an audience now, it didn’t receive great ratings. H. Jon Benjamin also revealed that a second season had been written before the plug was pulled, and he seemed confident it would have improved on season 1.

Jon Benjamin Has A Van may not have gotten a season 2, but its reputation has only grown in the years since it ended. It’s not like H. Jon Benjamin has been short of work in the years since, however, while Nathan Fielder would later guest on a couple of episodes of Bob’s Burgers in addition to going on to his own acclaimed series. At this point, Jon Benjamin Has A Van season 2 is supremely unlikely – but that’s no excuse for fans of the actor not to give its sole season a chance.

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