Why It Is Better to Look for MacKeeper Alternatives


MacKeeper is an application that is meant to help with uninstalling apps and deleting temporary and junk files. This cleanup leads to a better overall performance of a Macbook. Tools of the software securely erase unwanted data and can even create backups.

However, while everything looks nice on paper, the situation is a bit different in reality. When you install MacKeeper and perform the first cleanup, the initial thoughts tend to be positive. But when users have it for a while, they begin to realize how much of a burden MacKeeper really is.

The likes of Malwarebytes and Sophos called MacKeeper a potential form of malware. MacRumours have also published an article on how MacKeeper has exposed data of 13 million customers.

If you have been using MacKeeper and want to remove it, you may face some difficulties. MacKeeper spreads its file around several different folders on the computer. This behavior makes it hard to remove the software completely. 

MacPaw has a great article on how to delete MacKeeper. Read these guidelines for a step-by-step process. And as for those who are still doubting whether they should get rid of MacKeeper or not, here are some reasons to convince you. 

Reason #1 – Redundant Utility Tools

When you read about MacKeeper and its features, do not fall for what the developers claim. Most utility tools are redundant because they already come with a Macbook. And if you are going to be paying for something that is already available, that would only be a waste of money. 

Some premium features might come in handy in certain situations. Nevertheless, the money could be invested more prudently if you are looking for software that functions as a cleanup utility and software. 

Reason #2 – Unjustifiable Expenses

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Redundant features that are already on a Macbook is not the only reason to not give grounds for the money spent on MacKeeper. You also have a fair share of tools that are too expensive, to begin with, and it is hard to come up with a situation of when one might need to use them.

A pricing plan itself is also questionable. The basic model is 15 dollars per month, which is 180 dollars a year, and it offers only the basic package. Premium subscription is 10 dollars per month or 120 dollars per year.

Look at alternatives. Total Antivirus Pro is 99 dollars for a lifetime. Intego costs 25 dollars for a yearly subscription. The difference is clear. On top of that, neither Total Antivirus or Intego is inferior to MacKeeper. In fact, the two excel in other aspects besides pricing, like auto virus scanning, personal firewall, and live customer support.

Reason #3 – Annoying Advertising Pop-Ups

MacKeeper has a bad reputation due to its aggressive pop-up advertisement. A bunch of pop-ups could make using the browser impossible. In some instances, pop-ups make it impossible to quit a browser.

Even after deleting MacPaw and caches or cookies, the problem remains. You may have to get an ad blocker or even reinstall the browser.

MacKeeper’s bad name stems from more than just annoying pop-ups. The fact that MacKeeper leaked user data, which led to a class-action lawsuit, should be enough to stay away from the software.

Reason #4 – Average Performance

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MacKeeper developers claim that software is reliable and secure, but how does their word hold up against reality?

Internet security is one of the main reasons why users are purchasing anti-virus software. Even when there are free alternatives, paying gives a sense that you are getting a better product. 

Most anti-virus software is capable of blocking malware. However, efficiency is the one factor to look at. There are new malware threats for Macbook coming out every year. AV-Comparatives conducted a test and found that MacKeeper declines when it has to detect malware from 2012 and onwards.

Given how quick cybersecurity threats are advancing, it does not seem wise to rely on software that is behind and could hardly protect you from new and upcoming malware threats. 

Reason #5 – Lack of Free Trial

MacKeeper claims to have a free trial option, but it hardly works like that. A free version lacks most of the features. It makes it more or less impossible to test whether MacKeeper is a good option or not, so you will end up paying money regardless.

Reason #6 – Suboptimal Customer Support

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According to user reviews on Safety Detectives, people have had problems getting in touch with customer support. Despite the claims that you have access to professional support 24/7. 

Users say that they have noticed a drop in an overall Macbook performance. Some individuals claim that they had issues opening files, and the problem was solved only after they completely deleted MacKeeper from their computer. 


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