Why Hisense’s Claim Of Purer, Brighter Colors Is Fair


Hisense has announced its new line of TriChroma Laser TVs, a unique offshoot of the modern short-throw projector that promises impeccable colors.

CES 2021 is barely a day old, and Hisense has already broke some huge news — literally — with the announcement that a new era of its line of Laser TVs is on the way. Hisense’s previous line of Laser TVs, the L5 Series, included a 100-inch display capable of providing 4K HDR content to users. While some core concepts will remain the same with Hisense’s next edition of the Laser TV, it sounds like fans of the product should poise themselves for some significant changes.

Hisense has been in business since 1969, and today regularly spars with value-minded brands like TCL and Vizio in the TV department. Neither competitor, however, has a product quite like the Laser TV. The name is a bit misleading, as it more closely resembles a short-throw projector than a modern TV display, but Hisense’s Laser TV utilizes a laser light source to create a 100-inch image while being just 11.4 inches away from the wall.

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The company’s new TriChroma Laser TV line is being marketed as a technology that will display purer, better colors in 4K HDR than the original. There’s reason to believe these claims too, judging by the technology’s ability to package and control three separate lasers to produce a full range of color. By utilizing this tech, Hisense suggests that the new TriChroma Laser TV will boast a 128-percent improvement in color purity, as well as a 430-nit brightness level. The color gamut coverage of these new products is said to reach up to 151 percent of the DCI-P3 film color standard, which translates to an incredible amount of color if Hisense can pull it off. Plus, the 2021 line will let users choose from various screen sizes ranging from 75 to 100 inches.

How To Determine When A TriChroma Laser TV Makes Sense

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as ordering one of these futuristic Laser TVs from Hisense, placing it at the front of a living space, and letting it work its magic. To determine if one of these would be a better option than a standard TV, things like budget, space, and environmental factors need to be taken into account.

As far as budget goes, the TriChroma Laser TV does not yet have a price tag. But if the current L5 Series is any indicator ($4,000 retail price), then it will not come cheaply. To be fair, that’s still far cheaper than a comparably-sized conventional TV would cost. The closest size most Sony, Samsung, or LG TVs can come without reaching an unrealistic price point is usually about 86 inches, making the Laser TV a better buy if size is a factor. That being said, it would still be a major investment for most folks.

Considerations about space and the environment are just as important. A 100-inch (or even 75-inch) display is objectively massive and potential buyers will need to make sure they have both an accommodating space to project onto and a living room or theater that allows them to sit an appropriate distance away. On top of that, short-throw projectors and products like the TriChroma Laser TV are often better suited to light-controlled environments. If users have the means and can meet these basic space guidelines, then one of these high-end Laser TVs from Hisense would be a solid step forward. Otherwise, there are several wallet-and-space-saving large 4K TVs that would likely make most consumers just as happy.

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