When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? Date, best deals, and all we know so far


Given how the coronavirus pandemic reformed customer attitudes to online shopping as essential, we can reasonably expect that Amazon will make out like a bandit with its Prime Day 2020 deals bonanza.

What is Amazon Prime Day? Well, it’s an annual shopping event for Amazon’s coveted Prime subscribers who, in exchange for an annual fee, are getting free fast shipping and media subscriptions, as well as said exclusive deals and discounts access. 

Will there be Amazon Prime Day in 2020, is Amazon going to have a Prime sale at all? You bet, it was already live and went in India, and there is already a section on Amazon’s website dedicated to the US Prime Day 2020 that says it is “coming soon.” Yes, Prime Day 2020 deals!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed for?

  • Prime Day 2020 date: October 5 (Monday)
  • Prime Day 2019 date: July 15 (Monday)
  • Prime Day 2018 date: July 16 (Monday)
So, without further ado, when are the Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals starting? Those best Prime Day prices in our neck of the woods where phones, tablets, and various accessories run wild may arrive just in time for the iPhone 12 5G edition.
That’s right, after the Wall Street Journal reporting that Amazon is considering to hold a Prime Day 2020 shopping spree in September, came a CNBC report that it has scheduled it tentatively for the week of October 5, which will actually put it closer to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The best deals will probably be running for more than a day, in fact, as usual, as Amazon is apparently planning on a 48-hour bender. 
In fact, Amazon is in talks with the largest mall owner in the US to take over the retail space that has been all but abandoned thanks to the increasing online shopping trend, and the coronavirus-induced lockdown. 

We are talking space previously occupied by former retail giants like Sears, J.C. Penney, etc., which ironically were loaded with debt and folded just recently, freeing up space for Amazon to move in and turn the brick and mortar shopping palaces into brick and mortar fulfillment centers.The space will be used for extra warehousing, order fulfillment and distribution centers so that Amazon can get those Prime Day 2020 deals to you even faster and with less hassle.

When is the Amazon Prime Day 2020 start date? It would be Monday, October 5. After all, Prime Day 2019 started on Monday, July 15, while the previous year Prime Day 2018 fell on Monday, July 16. You catch the drift, but if the reports are correct, Amazon will be postponing Prime Day 2020 by three months, not one or two, so an October 5 start date sounds entirely plausible.

How do you shop on Prime Day and what are the best Amazon deals?

Last year, Prime Day was a raging success, even bigger than those staples of the promo sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and, considering the popularity boost that online shopping got from the coronavirus, Amazon will probably have its cake and eat it, too, when it comes to revenue numbers.

As the name of the shopping fiesta suggests, in order to qualify for the deals, you have to be an Amazon Prime member, but if you don’t want the membership fee and all the perks that come with it, you could just cancel before the 30-day trial period has ended. 

Here’s how and when to shop on Amazon Prime Day 2020 to get the best deals and discounts on TVs, phones, games, and all else:

1. Sign up for Amazon Prime to start its 30-day trial service. You can just sign up for the gig, or you can keep your subscription for the promo codes and discounts bounty. If you have access to a student email, even better, as those lucky souls get a free six-months Amazon Prime membership. You know what to do on eBay.
2. Download the Amazon app (Android, iOS) and sign in with your Prime credentials. Since the Amazon Prime 2020 days will probably circulate deals on more than a 100,000 items, with new ones by the hour, and pre-Prime listings in the days running up to Prime Day, you’d want to add things to your cart at any given time.
3. Check out Amazon’s Prime Day Guide which last year had useful shopping tips and tricks, as well as a listing of the best previous deals so you know what you may be up to on Prime Day 2020.

4. Shop early, make a list, and fulfill orders quickly, as last year plenty of items ran out in the first few hours, and Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be even less of an exception, considering the stocking and shipping issues that the coronavirus lockdown induced.

Will there be deals and promos on the Apple Watch or Galaxy S20 series during Amazon Prime Day 2020? Last year, Prime Day saw the Apple Watch at $75 off, and the LG V35 at the whopping $500 discount, so, given the coronavirus crisis, we’d expect even deeper Amazon deals and discounts for Prime Day 2020. 

What were the best-selling devices on Amazon Prime Day? In America, Amazon’s top-selling Prime Day items were the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, the Instant Pot DUO60 and 23andMe health and ancestry kits, but the company also moved hundreds of thousands of laptops, TVs and headphones.

The best current Amazon deals that prime you for Prime Day 2020

You shouldn’t wait until October to get great discounts on Amazon, although, as you can see from the Prime Day spotlight deal requirements from sellers below, these ones should indeed be the best price cuts they can muster throughout the year. 

Sometimes, however, one needs things now, so here are the best current Amazon deals on phones, headphones, wireless earbuds, watches and other wearables:

How can you post Amazon Prime Day deals if you are a seller?

Perhaps the biggest proof so far that there will be Prime Day 2020, is Amazon’s own call to action to merchants and sellers on its platform which reads as follows: 

Granted, this is the boilerplate call to action that Amazon sends before each such push but given that Prime Day 2020 was postponed, it serves as an assurance the Amazon will hold one later in the year. 

Here’s what you need to do as a seller to submit a Spotlight Deal for the Today’s Deals page during Amazon Prime Day 2020:

  1. Knock off at least 30% off the current site price.
  2. Get it to the lowest price so far in 2020, even past promos.
  3. Sell it as new condition.
  4. List products that have 4* ratings and 5 reviews or more of both.
  5. List products with photos according to Amazon’s style guide.
  6. Make sure the product hasn’t been promoted with a deal 30 days before Prime Day 2020.

Why did the coronavirus pandemic delay Amazon Prime Day 2020?

While the shelter-at-home state orders that arose from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic boosted the Amazon share price and made CEO Jeff Bezos even richer, the online shopping spree also brought immense challenges to the supply chains of, well, everything, not only toilet paper.

Heck, in Amazon France was even banned from stocking up on and delivering anything but essential goods, and barely a Bluetooth speaker could come by, unless wrapped in toilet paper. We kid, but the unprecedented pressure on Amazon’s warehouse workers and delivery drivers has forced the company to postpone the Amazon Prime Day launch until its warehouses and delivery lines are ready.

It was just last week that Amazon started allowing its army of third-party seller to ship non-essentials to its warehouses with no stock limits, and it will take a while until the space is filled with items that are not directly related to surviving a coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home order.

Even when the Amazon non-essential warehouse stock goes back to pre-crisis levels, that still leaves the issues with packing, shipping, and delivery. Amazon Prime subscribers were first to learn that the annual membership fee they pay isn’t pandemic-proof, and Amazon still hasn’t returned to its one-day shipping policy for those members.

After all, the best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals can’t have the six-day shipping delay that orders experienced in March, and not even the three-day delay they are suffering now on average, and that is why Prime Day 2020 is getting postponed for October 5, or thereabouts.

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