WhatsApp Testing new Feature to Detect Fake and Spam Messages


WhatsApp is unstoppable, as the Instant Messaging app is testing out a new feature to detect fake and spam messages forwarded on the app. As you know, many countries are banning the use of such apps as they are brainwashing people with fake news and spammy messages. WhatsApp’s new feature will tell you how many times a message has been forwarded.

According to the new update, WhatsApp is experimenting with this new feature to curb fake news. Fake News is being spread all the time on WhatsApp and many political parties are also making use of the fake news to spread lies within the platform. The giant has received complaints regarding the same and is now testing this new security feature.

Apparently, the new Feature would be called as Forwarding feature and it will come with two different uses, Forwarding Info and Frequently forwarded.

The new Forwarding Info section will let the users to know about how many times a message has been forwarded. The same info lets you check the number of users who have forwarded this message. This can be explored by checking into the message info corner.

The next feature is Frequently forwarded. This message will let the users know that the message you receive has been forwarded to more than five people. You will receive a message with Frequently forwarded mark within the chat section.

WhatsApp has been criticized for so many times as the platform is becoming a factory of producing fake news which is brainwashing the users. When you receive a fake news or a poster and you like it, without thinking for twice, you will forward this message to other persons. This is how the fake news work and many political parties and companies are taking advantages of this feature available on the WhatsApp app.

To avoid such messes, WhatsApp is testing this new feature which will put a barrier on the fake news’ factory. This will also educate the users about fake news. These features are in the beta edition, and will soon be released for the public.

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