What does ASUS ROG Stand for and is it a Smartphone or a Laptop?


A far cry from its beginnings, video gaming has taken the world by storm and has overtaken more traditional media as the top form of entertainment. From hard-core underground element came the competitive sport of video gaming and now we see tournaments broadcast live on our television screens. As games and gaming culture evolve, computer hardware also need to keep up. ASUS has long been producing great computers, and have wisely recognised the call from hungry gaming enthusiasts. In response to demand for performance parts, ASUS founded the Republic of Gamers, or ROG for short.

Gamers unite

ASUS ROG is neither a smart phone nor a laptop, it is an idea. A vision held by ASUS to provide quality products that it is known for in a more focused way, ROG aims to promote community amongst gamers through social and competitive events. Oh yeah, and ROG also produced some of the most hard-core monsters to ever grace the gaming scene. ASUS has given us intimidating powerhouse laptops with performance parts that make a desktop PC cry. Speaking of desktops, ROG designated PC parts are a standard choice for those building a dedicated gaming PC.

On the move

ROG takes mobile gaming seriously. This passion can be seen in the extensive of ROG gaming laptops. From wallet friendly machines that can play most modern games at acceptable quality, through to hefty units with large displays and desktop grade performance parts, ASUS caters for all needs and tastes in its laptop range.

Started from the bottom

At the entry point of the ROG range is the GL503GE, at around $1400 you get quite a lot of laptop for your money. A responsive Full HD 15.6” screen provides high levels of detail and accuracy and is wrapped in an attractive reflective metal shell. The keyboard is a backlit chiclet variant, and there’s no other way around this beauty. Powered by Intel’s 8th generation i7 and 16GB of ram this little beauty will rip though more mundane tasks with ease. But we came here for the games, right? The GL503GE has a GeForce 1050 GPU which allows it to play modern games with reasonable quality, just don’t expect it to break space and time with its performance. At this price point you will compromise between price, power and portability.

Alien technology

As you climb through the ROG laptop ranks you start seeing the giants of the range. Big baddies like the G703GI. Significantly larger and power hungry these laptops are the heavyweight fighters in the ROG stable. Whilst you may sacrifice portability and battery life you get insane amounts of power and gorgeous 17.3” screens. These units are intended to replace your desktop PC and give you the ability to pack up and leave in a few seconds. Back to that beautiful screen, if you are a competitive gamer you will love the 144Hz refresh rate, crucial for those important moments where a millisecond of inaction can cost the match. Powered by Intel’s range of i9 CPU’s and Nvidia’s superlative GeForce GTX 1080 you will enjoy silky smooth frame rates on all modern games with settings cranked to maximum.

ASUS’s vision for the future of PC gaming is reflected in its creation of ROG. Republic of Gamers serve to give the gaming communing cutting edges laptops and desktops on which to compete and enjoy games. Even the entry-level model will allow you to play online and not be at a hardware disadvantage. If PC games are your passion and you are always moving, a premium ROG laptop is for you. Attractive designs and premium finishes coupled with blistering performance means you will fit in at any event, whether it be a high stakes competition, or a relaxed afternoon of casual gaming.


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