Warzone Patch Nerfs DMR Again And Fixes Infinite Stim Glitch


2nd Warzone patch in the past week fixes overpowered DMR, infinite stim glitch, and the overpowered Mac-10 submachine gun that have tormented many.

A new Call of Duty Warzone patch has seemingly fixed the monstrously powerful DMR 14 and the infinite stim glitch that has recently popped back up in the wildly popular Battle Royale FPS. Call of Duty Warzone saw many new additions with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in November. With the integration of the new installment’s weapons, equipment, and loadouts, there were bound to be a number of growing pains as the free-to-play Warzone mode bridges the gap between the ’80s-set shooter and its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Warzone is the wildly popular Battle-Royale mode that was introduced with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a free-to-play mode in March of 2020. The game mode’s popularity quickly rose, seeing millions of players participate in its 150-player matches in the first few months and player counts have not seemed to drop since. Using a Battle Pass system similar to other successful Battle-Royale games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. The progress and experience gained in this mode was shared with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer mode, making it extremely accessible to all Call of Duty players.

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In a post made today by Gamesradar detailing the patch notes for the new update made to Call of Duty: Warzone, significant changes are outlined for the DMR 14. This is the second patch released within the past week, since many players quickly voiced their opinions that the first patch was not enough to reign in the extremely powerful marksman rifle that has dominated the island of Verdansk in recent months. This patch also removed a glitch which allowed players to gain infinite stim healing on combat by dropping their weapons while cooking a grenade.

Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Cold War DMR Overpowered

The patch adjusts the overall performance of the DMR 14 by lowering the damage from that of a sniper rifle to a damage level more concurrent with the game’s assault rifles. It also adjusts the damage drop off at shorter range increments and increases the recoil of the weapon when it is fired rapidly. This makes the weapon perform more like an actual marksman’s rifle and less like a sniper rifle/assault rifle hybrid that has allowed it to be almost exclusively used by the player base. This was the primary adjustment called for by players amongst the many minor balancing fixes that came with integrating Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War into the mode.

The overpowered Mac-10 was also addressed with plenty of adjustments, so hopefully this will make the playing field within Warzone feel more balanced. In the past week, plenty of players have released videos of themselves hunting down stim cheaters to exact their revenge, even if it costed them the match. Call of Duty: Warzone continues to be one the most played games month to month and Activision continues to roll out new seasons that add new modes, weapon blueprints, and even maps to keep the experience fresh. Currently, an alternate and smaller map can be played within the mode called Rebirth Island. The player count for this map is much smaller as is the map itself, making this version of the Battle Royale more rapid and chaotic.

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Source: Gamesradar

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