Warframe Chroma Prime Access is Now Available


Just to build up a constant excitement, Digital Extremes is offering Warframe Prime Access once every three months. So what’s so exciting about this Prime Access, when a frame or weapon is Primed, it will get a better skin, improved stats, and a lot of upgrades. And also, when a new Prime Access has been released, the previous one will be removed.

And now, there is a new prime skin from Warframe, Chroma Prime, now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players. Chroma Prime was known to be an ancient legend, it is a powerful Warframe with capabilities of altering his damage output by changing his energy colour or power. These energies can be fire, ice, electricity, or a poison. He is the so-called “elemental lord of ruin” with a lot of helpful attacks for any combat scenario.

You can get this now by getting a Prime Access wherein you can get Chroma Prime, Chroma Prime Glyphs, Rubico Prime, and Gram Prime, as well as the Imugi Prime Armor, Impetus Prime Syandana, a 90-Day Credit Booster, and 90-Day Affinity Booster, all of these items in an amazing access.

But if you don’t have much credit to purchase a Prime Access, you can also get this by farming in the game for free. Most of its content is available for all the players, and this can be done through relics and relic farming. The relics required are the following:

  • Chroma Prime Blueprint (Common): Neo K2 Relic
  • Chroma Prime Chassis (Uncommon): Meso T3 Relic
  • Chroma Prime Systems (Uncommon): Axi C3 Relic
  • Chroma Prime Neuroptics (Rare): Lith C3 Relic

You can get these from the different relics farming stations, so here is the list of the farming stations and the relics that you can get from them.

  • Hydron, Sedna/Defense – Neo (A rotation), Axi (B, C rotation)
  • Io, Jupiter/Defense – Neo (B, C rotation), Meso (A rotation)
  • Everest, Earth/Excavation – Lith (B, C rotation)
  • Cetus, Earth/Bounty – Lith (Level 10-30 bounties)

It just as easy as that, you can now enjoy Chroma Warframe just by easily purchasing a prime access or by getting a bit of adventure by getting the needed relics. Whatever your choice is, it will surely become great, so hurry now and give it a try.

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