WandaVision Art Shows Marvel Could Give Spectrum a Comic-Accurate Costume


A new piece of WandaVision fan art imagines Monica Rambeau sporting an impressive comic-accurate version of her alter ego Spectrum’s costume.

A new piece of WandaVision fan art imagines Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) aka Spectrum sporting a comic-accurate costume. As the first Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action series to premiere on Disney+, WandaVision looks to the future. The MCU appears primed to explore the much-hyped Multiverse and incorporate newly-acquired mutants from Fox’s X-Men franchise, as well as other comic book characters (such as the Fantastic Four). In addition to Evans Peters’ mysterious Quicksilver reprisal, perhaps WandaVision’s biggest piece of foreshadowing revolves around S.W.O.R.D. agent Monica.

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In episode 4, Monica investigates Westview before traversing its barrier and becoming part of Wanda’s sitcom reality. After “Geraldine” is abruptly ejected from the Hex, Darcy Lewis warns Monica about the colossal amount of CMBR that has “rewritten [her] cells on a molecular level twice.” In episode 7, she once again journeys into the Hex. Monica’s forceful re-entry seemingly entails grappling with her being (and hearing voices) up until her eyes turn blue, and she breaks through. Once inside, Monica sees energy emanating from WandaVision‘s Westview and even displays powers while confronting Scarlet Witch. It would seem Monica’s transformation jives with her comic book counterpart, making her much more than just the little girl from Captain Marvel.

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Famed internet artist BossLogic recently shared a picture depicting Monica as a comic-accurate Spectrum. Fully equipped with blue eyes and a healthy dose of energy, this new piece of fan art sees the character wearing the costume associated with her superhero alter ego Spectrum. Take a look at the interpretation below:

Spectrum possesses abilities such as absorption/manipulation, flight, and other superhuman characteristics. In the source material, Monica gains her powers after being hit with a large amount of extra-dimensional energy, leading to the mantels of the new Captain Marvel, Pulsar, Photon, and most recently Spectrum. While a superhero trajectory appears certain at this point, it’s unclear what name Monica will take when embracing her newfound identity. “Photon” is used as Maria’s callsign in Captain Marvel, so it seems likely she’ll pay homage to her mother, but “Spectrum” is still a possibility. What’s more interesting is her classification as a mutant in the comics, something that may play a role in the MCU’s implementation of the X-Men.

Marvel Studios has done an astute job of both adhering to and diverging from the comics in the past. Being that the MCU couldn’t refer to the evolutionary phenomenon of Fox’s X-Men universe, comic book mutants like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are created by Hydra (via experimentation with the Mind Stone). Now, the Hex might be the solution to the studio’s mutant problem. It’s not a stretch to imagine the public referring to victims of this anomaly as “mutants.” If Monica’s powers are provoked by the Hex, others inside could develop abilities as well (Darcy and presumably thousands of others). While perhaps not as comic-accurate as the art above, it’ll be interesting to see Monica develop in WandaVisions final episodes and Captain Marvel 2.

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Source: BossLogic/Instagram

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