VR Headset Coming for Nintendo Switch


Virtual reality headsets are becoming a trendy technology, and many people believe that VR will be the future of gaming. A lot of people wondering when the gaming world will finally embrace the Virtual Reality. We all know that some of the gaming companies did not start supporting Virtual Realities yet, just like Nintendo.

According to the comment of Reggie Fils-Aimé, the President and COO of Nintendo in America, “Virtual Reality currently was not a focus for the company” which only means that they are not yet interested in jumping with VR trends.

Just recently, the NS Glasses has been revealed, it is a product described as “world’s first VR headset for Nintendo Switch” made by a Canadian company called exklim. But sadly, the headset was not designed, licensed, authorized, endorsed, manufactured or distributed by the Nintendo Corporation, because they are not interested in VR yet.

The switch is not designed to support VR, so the NS Glasses won’t easily turn Switch into a VR machine. To counter this disadvantage, the headset plays with the colours on screen to give off the look of a 3D experience within the headset. According to Nintendo Life, it will smooth the pixel count to increase the resolution in appearance.

Even though the design seems to be comfortable, with the Switch strapped into the front, we expect that it will be quite heavy and not suitable for long playing sessions. If the 3D plan for this device will work as advertised and planned, it will only be comparable to the Nintendo 3DS’ 3D effect than real Virtual Reality experience.

If the NS Glasses will make a good job in the market and for the gamers, Nintendo might see the VR potential of their games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. The device is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games and pre-orders will be available soon. You can also get the NS Glasses for $50, half the cost of the headset at retail if you are going to take your order early.

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