Venom Snake’s Bionic Arm from Metal Gear Solid 5 Has Become a Real-World Device for Amputees


While it can’t launch a rocket-propelled fist, Konami has teamed up with Open Bionics to make the iconic arm from Metal Gear Solid 5 a reality.

There are a lot of really cool things in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. There are horses that can poop on command, dogs that can attack soldiers, and of course, giant robots that are looking to destroy everything. Likely one of the coolest aspects of the fifth entry in the series though comes in the form of Venom Snake’s bionic arm that he has at his disposal.

Konami has today announced a new partnership with the prosthetics company Open Bionics that will see the Venom Snake arm from Metal Gear Solid 5 becoming a real-life accessory that amputees can utilize. This MGS5 Venom Snake arm works as an attachment to Open Bionics’ Hero Arm device, which is an existing multi-grip bionic arm that many amputees already may use.

Open Bionics recently released the first iteration of this Venom Snake arm to 29-year old UK resident Daniel Melville. As a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Melvill was thrilled beyond belief to have the device. “This is unbelievable. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from a bionic arm,” Melville said in an accompanying statement. “I’m an avid gamer and love Metal Gear Solid so much and to actually have Snake’s arm in real life is just insane.”

You can check out some images of Melville with the arm attachment right here:

Of course, the real-world version of this bionic arm won’t have all the same functions as what you’ve seen in Metal Gear Solid 5. Notably, you won’t be able to shoot the device’s rocket-propelled fist off and punch your friends with it. While that would be freaking rad, science seemingly hasn’t advanced to this stage just yet to allow for it to be a reality.

On a more serious note, though, it’s incredibly cool to see that Konami is willing to play ball with Open Bionics in this manner. Hopefully, those like Melville who are big-time fans of Metal Gear Solid but also might be amputees can live out all of their Venom Snake dreams with this new Hero Arm cover.

For more information on Open Bionics’ Hero Arm device and the ensuing Metal Gear Solid 5 attachment, you can head over to the company’s official website. The Venom Snake cover itself is said to begin shipping out soon and will arrive prior to Christmas.




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